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    Transfer to optometry UNSW

    WAM cutoff is around 77 for transfer through UAC.
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    UNSW OPTOMETRY EAS estimates

    I have friends who got in with 93 with the 5 bonus points from disadvantaged school EAS.
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    Exam thoughts??

    +1 up the page
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    Exam thoughts??

    the loudspeaker was a trick question, it was a generator
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    Exam thoughts??

    I rounded to 1.s.f because the question gave 2kg so 7 Joules
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    Exam thoughts??

    split-ring tho
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    Exam thoughts??

    it was good, hoping for 90-95 raw
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    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Thoughts

    would have preferred this paper over last years
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    I'm predicting around 67 raw for E4
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    I normally get around 85-90% in past papers but I'm probably getting around 75% in this one, it definitely did not suit me
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    2016 BOS Trial Results + Solutions

    Re: 2016 BOS Trial Results the links are the same
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    Atar Estimate Please

    School rank : 150-200 ~ English Advanced - 9/65 Chemistry - 1/29 Physics - 1/28 Maths Extension 1 - 1/35 (got 98 for extension maths last year accelerated) Maths Extension 2 - 1/8 Thanks
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    Thoughts on CSSA 2016 MX2 Trials?

    Re: Cssa 2016 paper the last Q was like copied off the last Q in 2014 HSC
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    Alkanol Hydrogen Bonding Ambiguous ?

    In the Jacaranda HSC Chemistry textbook, it defines that alkanols can achieve 2 hydrogen bonds. Picture: http://puu.sh/o1VCx/5498a5aa57.png And because of this, it explains the difference in boiling points between alkanols and alkanoic acids through the strength of the hydrogen bond instead of...
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    How hard is it to get an E4 in 4u ?

    I was wondering how many people get E4's in 4 unit ? (percentage of the state) I go to a shit school and I accelerated maths. I got 99 in 2u and 98 in 3u, my 4u teacher says not many people get 90's in 4u and says it's really hard to. Is it really that hard ? I'm really lazy and didn't put...
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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    What mark beats a 99 in 2u, should I still do 4u this year? (I accelerated)
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    http://m.smh.com.au/national/tertiary-education/atar-results-two-years-hard-work-adds-up-to-relative-mystery-20131218-2zlhb.html this particular year was 67 for boys