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    Uni Cheap Eats Guide

    and UWS bankstown is smack bang in the middle of an industrial area, so definitely no shops within walking distance
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    Lightning Bolt

    yes lightning bolt are actually very good and fun to listen to, 'hypermagic mountain' is probs my favourite album you should look up femme fatale which was one of the guys from death from above 1979's side project, very very similar imo; although i don't know if their stuff is still widely...
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread took awhile for someone to bring it up, haha..i've lost more on a few upsets however, this is nothing compared to those
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    What's wrong with being an 18 year old virgin?

    what, what? how does this have to do with anything
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread that was a pretty retarded decision, fellaini's tackle was pretty bad but perhaps if mascherano didn't come in with a swinging boot it might've helped imo. completely deserved a red nevertheless.
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread nearly made my money back there, lol
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread split $10, made safe but retarded bets $7 everton win $1.15 on cahill 1st to score $1.40 cahill to score first + 2-1 everton .45c on gerrard to score first + 2-0 liverpool (just in case?)
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread betting against liverpool today, definitely can see everton stealing this one
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    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    bit belated but i bought this coat 2 days ago from topman: $45 shipped down from like $140-something woo
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    Theatre Thread!

    it might actually be longer that, but i'm not entirely sure. at most it'd be a week but the majority of rehearsal will be somewhere else, and they would do a tech and dress; then perform only 3-4 days to mainly school audiences. i'm not sure of specifics.
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    Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 Newspad finally arrives, nine years late
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    won't be for like, another 6-8 months. australian tv is pretty backward
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    Childcare -Chinese Style

    look how happy the kid is
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    Muslims plot to take over australia

    destroying our australian way of life how would you feel if you had to wear a burqa??!!! there was a report on today tonight a couple of years back detailing how al-qaeda or some other extremist syndicate were going to invade the northern territory via indonesia and claim it as their own, lololol
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    My Southern Cross tattoo now brands me as a racist

    wait is australia being taken over by muslims why didn't i know this
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    My Southern Cross tattoo now brands me as a racist

    i can't stand it. there are only certain people who have this symbol as a tattoo or display it very openly, and therefore it is hard to ignore the stereotype. the Cronulla riots definitely changed the way i saw use of the Australian flag and related symbols by the average person. no longer were...
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    Theatre Thread!

    fair enough, do they have to approve it? i have a friend in uni trying to get her production of Ruby Moon off the ground with her and her friends, theatre hire is already like $5000 for 4-5 days and she's basically conceded that she will lose money, unless she can fill up the theatre every...
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    Theatre Thread!

    ah nice, are you getting that script off the ground through uni or are you doing it with your own funds?
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    Theatre Thread!

    how many shows are you working on absolutezero? you seem to be involved in one constantly :o