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  1. imaiyuki

    Anki ??

    here's my two cents i loooooooooove anki, there is a learning curve but you really don't need to learn much to get started and start benefitting straight away as for the alternatives like memrise, yes they are more padded and the user interface is nicer to look at but anki is just so much more...
  2. imaiyuki

    the complete english literary/visual technique guide!

    hey everyone!! i'm finally back to make up for my lack of mx1 notes (eheheh) i'll share my english technique list this is of course very useful for the common module reading task, but can also be useful for finding quotes in mod a, b and c too! there are SOOOO many literary techniques here that...
  3. imaiyuki

    Top 10 Hardest HSC Subjects

    i think there needs to be a consensus on what "harder" means "harder" to do what? cos i think what many people consider when they choose a subject is how hard it is to get a good mark in it, say a band 6 and in that case definitely english is on top, because even thought the subject matter of...
  4. imaiyuki

    study tips + motivation <3

    i havent done a single hour of study these hols, barely gone out twice, generally feel like a potato the lack of face-to-face contact with friends is making me very blue my sleep schedule also waaay out of whack too, i've been sleeping around 3-5am on most days lets hope im not a lost cause 🍥
  5. imaiyuki

    How hard to get 99.5+ ATAR?

    i would estimate 30-40 each year get 99.5+ in baulko (out of a cohort of around 210) and in james ruse around 30-40 also (but out of a smaller cohort of around 120)
  6. imaiyuki

    combinations ext math question

    this is in my y11 notes haha in this case we would have {12!\over {6!4!2!}}=13860 as seen in the last formula hope this helps!
  7. imaiyuki

    Wowww!! Thank you so much!!! Happy birthday to you too!

    Wowww!! Thank you so much!!! Happy birthday to you too!
  8. imaiyuki

    How to prepare for hard questions in exams?

    i'm in your situation too what i do is i first go through topics a few weeks before they are taught at school by doing every 4th question in mif and fitz as well as the chapter reviews then when they're taught the teacher sets cambridge exercises which i try do on time (hahahah rarely happens)...
  9. imaiyuki

    BOSers hobbies Q&A

    Urbexing! Go in drains, abandoned buildings, rooftops etc. not for vandalism but for self growth! Trust me it’s more fun than it sounds, and only as illegal as pirating a movie ;)
  10. imaiyuki


    hey guys!! these MATHS ADVANCED notes are the first of three notes i'll be making, the next two for mx1 and mx2 respectively. these notes contain all you need to know for the hsc course for advanced maths (for the y11 course, check out my y11 maths notes !!), with examples and proofs (theres 11...
  11. imaiyuki

    Y10 Yearly Science Notes - All Topics

    hi, hope i'm not too late! similar to my y10 maths notes, these science notes were made when i was in y10. they should contain all topics covered in year 10, and even have a chemistry expected knowledge section at the back for your reference. sorry about the weird bolding, i find it helpful...
  12. imaiyuki

    Integral Calculus

    hi, i haven't really touched on integration much yet, but here's my take :) 1. this is basically just requiring you to recall the fundamental theorem of calculus, i.e. A'(x)={d\over dx}\int _a^xf(t)dt=f(x) where A(x) is the signed area function. If you need a proof, here's a screenshot from my...
  13. imaiyuki

    Complete Y10 Maths Notes

    just notes for maths, not much else :) contains just about everything in y10, minus radians and logarithms (if you're doing those (but those are in my y11 notes if you need them)). there are some extraneous topics since our school did them (series and sequences etc.), but other than it should be...
  14. imaiyuki

    Need help in a math question

    By "between the lower and upper quartiles" it means Michael scored in the middle 50%, however 64-76 represents the middle 68%, therefore his actual range is a little smaller, thus A
  15. imaiyuki

    Prelim Biology Module 1+2 Detailed Notes for New Syllabus

    ONLY for mod1+2!!! These notes are more detailed than most and might contain some useless content, soooo beware of that (theres like 20k words lol)!! If you need succinct notes for quick cramming then Etho's are better Textbooks I referred to: Surfing Bio, Macmillan, Pearson, Bio in Focus, Edu...
  16. imaiyuki

    Year 11 Maths Extension (+ Advanced) Comprehensive Notes

    I made these notes for Year 11s doing the Maths Extension or Advanced Preliminary Course, from 2019 onwards... I tried to include all elements of every topic, and managed to fit 17 topics into 19 pages, so that's that haha A large portion is inspired by the videos on Virtualb15 on youtube, which...