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  1. beccaxx

    Pregnancy Scares

    ur a boy, and that didnt work. u dont period pain in ur arse.
  2. beccaxx

    Laptops for Uni

    haha dont u have friends to keep u company on ur break? or is it a generalisation that nerdy losers r the ones with laptops thus need company? the only guy i always see with a laptop in my course is actually really cool.
  3. beccaxx

    what do i need 4 uni?

    hey, i had one book- the spiral one with space for four classes. it had a thing in between each class that i could shove handouts/notes/assignments in. worked really well 1st semester, but then i lost the one i bought for 2nd sem. so i used it again in all the free spaces. haha but no really, it...
  4. beccaxx

    Laptops for Uni

    about 3 ppl out of the 250ish in my course bring a laptop to lectures. i use a notebook, and i swear if i didnt use a notebook then i would honestly never ever ever use a pen. becos most stuff is on a computer, half my classes are. anyway, its helps using a pen and jotting stuff down during...
  5. beccaxx

    How and where did you meet your GF/BF??!!??

    same. mines an all girl degree seriously, how many boys do communications at newy? like, 10.
  6. beccaxx

    Fellas lets ask the questions to the ladies we always wanted...

    will u give me a million dollars? OK. theres actually more than one reason for this question. 1. like someone sed, feeling too uncomfortable to bring something up "bluntly" (eg- last night i was out with a guy and i didnt wana jst go "so do u still like me?" cos i figured that was gonna b...
  7. beccaxx

    How do you Study 4 UNI.

    isnt that all u need?
  8. beccaxx

    OMG! Rory just got back with Dean!

    rory is an idiot. dean is a dumb arse, and lindsey is gonna get her heart broken. i think the real AGHHHHHHH is luke and lorreli finally hookin up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. beccaxx

    strapless bras with no "overflow"

    bubz i see no flab. top is hot hot hot too. i hav no suggestions, i want the same answer. cup c too!
  10. beccaxx

    where to go from here.

    ughhh. no help here....
  11. beccaxx

    where to go from here.

    after realising i cant claim workers comp for a stuffed back on the basis of it being stabbed too many times by my bosses, i have finally realised i need a new job (derr i know, maccas is a hole... but ive made some really awesome friends there...) so i was wondering; instead of wallowing in...
  12. beccaxx

    Fellas lets ask the questions to the ladies we always wanted...

    it does sometimes.... i get stax of compliments on my hair, so its the flavour of the month 4 me, and i spend stax of time on that. and when i havent done it awesome and ppl say they like it im heaps embarrassed cos i think it looks terrible compared to how it can look ( its short on the left...
  13. beccaxx

    my dress dilemma (please help)

    indeed it probably is
  14. beccaxx

    spray tan- HELP NEEDED PLZ

    it was this one in newy. its on 4 three nights, i just came home. (sorry newy ppl, as far as i am aware, the last 2 nights r booked out :) but pm me if u so wana go cos yah, every1 wants to see my orange hands!!) actually, nah it went really well. i was SO SO scared backstage, and i am normally...
  15. beccaxx

    spray tan- HELP NEEDED PLZ

    and then set urself on fire for 3 minutes. it burns the dead skin cells i swear!!! uhuh.... im not entirely blonde.
  16. beccaxx

    HARRY POTTER & the goblet of fire!!

    yeh, i havent seen it yet but ive heard she went down hill too.
  17. beccaxx

    spray tan- HELP NEEDED PLZ

    i have 2 options cos nothin is gonna get it off and i really need to start getting ready soon 1. cut my hands off (but i dont know how i would then hold the mike...) 2. paint them with foundation, but i find that gross. hahaha any suggestions for number 3? gloves will make it even more...
  18. beccaxx

    my dress dilemma (please help)

    and did u end up gettin lucky with mr hottie
  19. beccaxx

    spray tan- HELP NEEDED PLZ

    bi carb soda, ajax (2 kinds and plenty of it) nail polish remover all on my hands at once. didnt do much at all cept give me a killer headache and now my hands r tingling. i may jst stick with now slightly less orange hands (they jst look dirty now, not as bad as obviously fake tan covered...
  20. beccaxx

    resignation letters

    awww waffy did some girl do this to you?