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  1. lealea226

    Which and How many Artists for Essay??

    I was just wondering if it really does matter how many artists you write about in your essay for the art exam?? I know 3 is a good number, but I was wondering if it was possible to only talk about 2 artists but have a strong argument, or does it really matter how many artists you choose? I was...
  2. lealea226

    What Units do I Study???

    Im just wondering if anyone knows precisly what areas of general maths do I study for this years HSC exam?? Is it going to be all on like probability, correlation, distribution, spherical geometry, angular distance etc etc?? I just wanna know so I dont study the wrong areas!!
  3. lealea226

    Creative Writing piece HELP!

    Just wondering how can I write a solid good creative writing piece without using up all my time of the exam. And if we have to write it in the form of a story would they be looking at structure or just the psychical journey of the character itself? Is there any techniques you need to include to...
  4. lealea226

    Understanding section 1 questions

    Hey all! I was just wondering if anyone could help me with de-coding the section 1 questions? In my trials the questions were hard to understand and becuase we hadnt practised theory at all becuase we were focusing purely on our BOW's we all practically afiled the first section. Sometimes its...
  5. lealea226

    Goanna Clan & Arnolfini Marriage HELP!!

    Hey folks, Our last module to study for the HSC is Billy Elliot and the theme is going 'into the world'. I know Billy Elliots relation to into the world but Im unsure about our related materials for it. Weve been given a poem 'Infant Sorrow' by William Blake,a photo 'The Arnolfini Marriage' and...
  6. lealea226

    White Fantasy Black Fact HELP!

    Were studying Henry Lawson short stories and our related material for that is the short story "White Fantasy Black Fact" by Jack Davis. Is anyone else doing this and if so what are some useful notes on WFBF that could help me out in the HSC exam?? Its in Module B; experience through language (i...
  7. lealea226

    Creative Writing..need Starting Help!

    Trials for me start in afew days and my english teacher told us theres definatly a section where we have to write a creative writing piece. The theme is physical journey and im unsure what to write about. My teacher made some good points about what to do and not do such as: DONT write about your...