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  1. justCARLA

    Anyone who's interested in New Generation degrees for next year

    My mum works for Melbourne Uni, and all staff got sent this email from the Vice Chancellor about 1st round preference numbers if anyone's interested or doubted that people still wanted to go to Melb uni because of the new Melbourne Model...
  2. justCARLA

    Lorne for schoolies '07

    hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone will be going to Lorne for schoolies, for any of the 3 weeks? My friends have houses there so a group of us will be there for various times throughout schoolies.. and they have pretty big houses so the more people we know the better! ahhhhhh...
  3. justCARLA

    I want to become a GP.. requirements

    Hey everyone, I want to become a GP however i probably won't have a high enough ENTER to get into a Medicine degree at uni straight away. Does anyone know if it is possible to complete a course such as nursing or arts and then later on go and do a MBBS (Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery)...