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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Merci pour m'as ecrit!!! Hehe nooonnnnnn mon francais n'est pas tres bien! ma mere a une amie qui est francaise, et je la rencontre chaque semaine pour qu'elle m'aide mais je ne comprends rien qu'elle dit!!! lol...parce qu'elle ne parle pas l'inglais et c'est pour ca que nous devons parler...
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    Parlons-nous le francais ici!

    Bonjour tout le monde!!:wave: Je m'apelle Emma et je fais 'beginners' pour le HSC cette annee. J'ai besoin de practiquer mon francaise parce que ce n'est tres bien!! haha et pour ca, si est possible, est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui peut o veut parler avec moi:confused: J'ai mon examen de...
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    Art & Photography?

    For my major work i used photography as my medium however for the exam you still need to know the artist techniques for secI of the exam. In secII though it is possible to use three artists that use photography in their work, i was going to use tracey moffatt, cindy sherman and others and my...
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    Verisimilitude in regards to Witness?!?

    Hey peoplee, my teacher told me to use verisimilitude in my essay on witness cos it would give me a higher mark and i was wondering lol what does it mean??? and how could i talk about it in regards to witness?? so lost here and my exam is tomorrow, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Club!!

    Thank you for your reply! that was a big help cos i didnt know to compare the different characters becos my english teacher is crap!!!!!! lol but good luck for your exam when you have it:-)
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    The Club!!

    Hey guys, i have my paper 2 english standard exam on friday and i have no idea what related text to use for the club!!! So i was wondering if anyone knows of a good one to use?? And also how do you relate them together?? do you have to talk about specific scenes in it or just the techniques and...