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  1. mmm_sofay

    Piercings and Tattoos

    i have 7piercings. used to have 8, but one closed up (not on my own accord). thinking about letting my lip close up this year. im over it, and i dont like it anymore. its my fashion faux pas. currently have 6tattoos (lower back, left wrist, left upper arm, both shoulders/collarbones, sternum)...
  2. mmm_sofay

    Business Admin cert lll

    Has anyone done this course? I just started it today at Wollongong Tafe. Do you really need all the textbooks they have listed??? I have a list of 8 textbooks that I need. (Also if anyone has completed this course and still has any of the textbooks, and would like to get rid of them, Ive got...
  3. mmm_sofay

    Piercings and Tattoos

    im getting a new tattoo on dec 12. at steel lotus pretty much one of the best places in sydney for tattoos. nicest guys there aswell getting a whole bunch of bats on the top of my left arm will most likely be the start of a sleeve still keen to get a full chest piece done, as my chest is looks...
  4. mmm_sofay

    tattoo ideas?

    its pretty obvious youre not yet ready for a tattoo, if you are asking OTHER PEOPLE what to have inked on your body forever and ever like a few people have suggested, get something that means something to you coz once you get a tattoo, theres no turning back unless if youre into the pain of...
  5. mmm_sofay

    Piercings and Tattoos

    considering dimples
  6. mmm_sofay

    Girls : What do you drink when your out?

    vodka redbulls tequila redbulls vodka cranberry and lime vodka raspberry tequila and coke tequila and pineapple juice goon + lemonade
  7. mmm_sofay

    Piercings and Tattoos

    madlawlz irl
  8. mmm_sofay


    glam eyes by rimmel
  9. mmm_sofay

    Piercings and Tattoos

    im booking in to get the side of my neck done this weekend or next week. wicked ink in penrith. yep yep.
  10. mmm_sofay

    Flannel Shirts

    woolies 2 flannos for $8 of jayjays. or general pants co if youre willing to pay $60+ for something that has a label on it.
  11. mmm_sofay


    porridge with banana and honey or with berries of some sort and honey. and with milk.
  12. mmm_sofay

    ~~~»``vodka + Milk!!! ``«~~~

    vodka+condensed milk+ shmooshed strawberries+ice = best $10 of my life.
  13. mmm_sofay

    photoshop cs3

    im living at my mums, who has dial up internet. i would rather not wait around for a few hours for one program to load.
  14. mmm_sofay

    indie-alternative DJ's /Clubs

    hot damn, ghettoblaster, chrome hearts, starfuckers, purple sneakers, pash, qbar on sundays, trash etc. i prefer hot damn. $8, heap drinks, good music, 3rooms, live bands, hungry jacks accross the road, open till the wee hours of the morning, giveaways, free tickets for concerts and shizz.
  15. mmm_sofay

    photoshop cs3

    does anyone know where i can get cs3 for cheap? or even better, can someone send me a copy, by any chance? im getting a new laptop and have lost my copy of cs2.whatevs, and wouldnt mind getting myself a copy of cs3 if anyone can help me out, that would be great.
  16. mmm_sofay

    What are you doing this year?

    music industry foundation cert ll at ultimo.
  17. mmm_sofay


    how often do you guys drink? max. 5 nights a week how much on average do you drink per occasion? min. 1 bottle of passion pop what is your favourite grog? passion pop, vodka and raspberry does anyone drink cocktails? if so, which one? any and all and finally, does anyone here confess to be...
  18. mmm_sofay

    Piercings and Tattoos

    when i move to sydney, im getting new piercings. one surface piercing and a new lip piercing and i intend on getting my birds re-inked, and two new tattoos for my 21st. which is in 50days. then im getting my foot done next time im up in byron. which will hopefully be in a few months.
  19. mmm_sofay

    What was the last CD you bought?

    Maylene & The Sons of Disaster - II
  20. mmm_sofay

    Parkway Drive, Horizons - Live

    yer, i went to the myspace gig. considering its a 20mins walk from where im living at... anyways. the friday show at the roundhouse, was pretty damn good. except when the drummer fucked up in sirens song. but the look on winstons face was quite hilarious.