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  1. ahen

    Myer Uniform

    Bit of a lame question I know, but whatever. Just wondering if anyone knows about the uniform requirements for girls working at Myer? I'm going to start work there in a few days and figured I should probably be dressed appropriately, the guy at the first training session said that we need to...
  2. ahen

    library quiz

    ok i know im a first year and a noob so..whatever but i was wondering if anyone's done the library quiz yet or if any older people could help me out with my question. the lecturer said you need to get 15/20 to pass, when i finished the quiz the thingy said ' 16 out of 5 points' wtf does that...
  3. ahen

    so, did you get in?

    btw did anyone notice how the cut offs for some courses sky rocketed and others dropped dramatically?
  4. ahen

    BA to BA (media and communications)

    how likely do you think it is for someone doing a BA to be able to transfer into media and coms? I'm also considering BA(writing and cultural studies) at UTS but i'm afraid that it won't give me the kind of flexibility i can get from a BA, but then a BA is a bit tooo flexible.. i know no one...
  5. ahen

    tutoring English 3U , Ancient Hist, Cafs, Art, Sor 1

    Macarthur/ Campbelltown tutoring i got a UAI over 90 - no i didn't go to james ruse, BUT SO WHAT? if you're in/around the macarthur region and/or don't mind travelling to the area i'm giving private tuiton! i'm ranked 1-2nd in my non english subjects 6th in advanced and 9th in extension...
  6. ahen


    i did the section II question for this but pretty much my whole class ended up doing the section III one, how'd you guys find it?
  7. ahen


    i was the only one in my class who did the marriage question what did you guys think of it? or did you do the section II question? how'd you go? the questions were a bit unexpected for me, i was expecting really generic seeing as its the first year and all but whatever.
  8. ahen

    Got your latest installment of BoS news?

    yeah i got another letter today it was soooo surprisingly colourful! i think i'll just use the sms service, how about you guys?
  9. ahen

    Groups in Context

    so... how was it?
  10. ahen

    Parenting and Caring

  11. ahen

    Multiple Choice

    how did everyone go in this section? i know that i got one wrong :( my teacher said that Q.3 seemed like "GIFT" but it was actually "IVF" damnit
  12. ahen

    Gendered Language

    yes i know there's probably like no one else doing it but meh i thought the questions weren't that bad, much like the "struggle and play" from a few years ago. also the pen fit quite well into my story so i was pretty happy about that, my teacher was ecstaticly happy lol let's hope she's right...
  13. ahen

    doubling up

    lets say i had a story for journeys and lets just say that it is also really suitable for my extension english topic... would i get into trouble if i used the same story (modified slightly) in my extension english exam?
  14. ahen

    Average time for a completion in a TAFE Diploma

    (posting on behalf of my friend who thinks he will fail and not get into IT - poor lil retard =P) anyone know?
  15. ahen

    IT & T Jobs

    [Written for a friend] Unfortunately, there seems to be alot of IT jobs but they aren't casual, or they need some pre-requirements like graduating from a uni. Anyone know of any casual jobs i could possibly take on in the IT industry? (preferred, if training is given and no MAJOR...
  16. ahen

    any surprises this year?

    anyone this year doing amazingly well seemingly out of nowhere? apparently my success has popped out of nowhere and so all these fucktards in my grade seem to think that me and a friend are "cheaters" because we're both topping or 2nd/3rd ish in all our subjects and therefore we must be...
  17. ahen

    Major Works

    just wondering, for subjects like art, drama, music, ext2 english etc, are our external BOW marks aligned or are they raw? because i wasn't sure and my stupid art teacher gave me a shitty mark for my BOW and later the head teacher said to me " oooh actually i think we were a bit harsh on you" i...
  18. ahen

    people and their preferences

    i know that a lot of people get confused about what course to do and what they really want, but this just gets on my nerves. when people go " hmmm oh look my umat results were shit, i know lets just put down psychology(or something else) instead, actually no even better let's put in BA...
  19. ahen

    Premium membership

    hi just wondering, can i become a premium member without paying by credit card? i'm happy to use that system that UAC did where you get a print out and go pay at Australia Post or whatever, but i can't seem to find an option like that anywhere. anyway thanks
  20. ahen


    ok i always thought this was a bit stupid , i mean you can't "predict" your UAI but right now i'm feeling really anxious (getting trial exams back tends to do that) and so i'm going to join the club and ask for a "prediction" , please. if it helps i'll also add how much i've contributed to...