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    where am i going wrong

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    projectile concept help

    i have a question. when do i know to make Uy=0 because sometimes i have to for the height and others not. This is in regards to finding Sy btw.
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    How do I do no 2, sorry for sideway image

    . S
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    why, how

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    I should know how to do this

    Q14 A Ty
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    Help pls

    Q 10. Ty
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    am i dumb, why cant i do this

    prove qs
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    How the hell do i do this

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    part c

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    discrete why do i keep getting it wrong

    find var(x)
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    help simple but my brain is not working

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    Essay plan help lol

    Does anyone have any essay question or literally anything that can help me write an essay on 1984 and then adapt it on the day cause my mind cannot think of anything. Ty
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    i dont get the wording

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    How do I do this q

    I also posted what I have so far
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    polnomial q

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    polynomial q

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    inverse help

    how do i flip the graph over y=x. how do i know what the inverse graph should look like. sorry its super dumb q