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    Art Express Preselection

    I didnt get pre-selected for art express :( but i knew that cause mine wasnt 'G' rated BUT i just found out that i got selected (so it is definate) for another exibition for hazelhurst gallery!! so im pretty excited!!!esp. cause i put a lot of effort into it.. i made a film and 6 digital media...
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    What are your general thoughts?

    I think it was reasonably easy... i did question 8...section 1 was alright, not the best but alright... condiserin our class did TWO theory lessons ALL year... and i am NOT joking...but that mainly effected section 1... but private study made me go alright.. hahaha oh well its FINISHED...
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    Visual Arts Assessment/Exam % weightings?

    I doubt that i will get 94.05 as well.... but i can hope.. hahah Maybe i will c u next year at uni...lol
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    Visual Arts Assessment/Exam % weightings?

    I think in external marks it is 50/50... so half will be ur exam and half ur BOW...
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    What will you major at uni? :)

    I did REALLY well in visual arts and i love film... the media & production course would be preferred choice.. but the UAI is too high 4 me.. so hopefully i will get into B Design in Vis Communications!! The course looks really cool and i can do film as well as graphic design + if u get band 6...
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    Art Express Preselection

    I dont no how they decifer the few marks between... i think sometimes the teacher ranks them with each other to get those small differences in marks...The same sorta thing happened in my class... i tink as well it is the teachers own personal preference on artworks.. like wat she/he likes??? I...
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    Visual Arts, last HSC exam for most people? :)

    My last exam is drama on the same day as VA.. i think it is a bit stupid puttin the two creative subjects on the same day!!!! Oh well.. at least they are slightly easier<i hope> than others cause they are only bout half the subjects!!!
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    Art Express Preselection

    I dont know whether i have got in or not.. i got 50/50 for internal mark... but i havent been at school long enough to see my art teacher and my phone is broken at home so the school wouldnt be able to call me...AHHHHHH...lol I hope i get pre-selected but i prob wont... i dont no... i just wanna...
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    Section IV - Historical Period

    yeah but it included the navy and the way i used it fit the way i was answering the question..
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    Section IV - Historical Period

    Re: Section IV - Historical Periods mycale was so a sea battle... it was the last battle of the persian wars... it followed the battle of plataea!!!!! the greeks destroyed the rest of the persian fleet with their own!!!
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    Section IV - Historical Period

    Re: Section IV - Historical Periods i did greece 500-440.. i sorta liked it... it wasnt THAT bad... i did mycale and salamis... i didnt no that much bout mycale so i talked about salamis more...but is sorta assessed it more than describe and talked bout how it was important to the lead up to...
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    Section II - Society

    I think u just had to write them since it was only worth 2 marks... I thought minoans was really easy... i had guessed the burial and industry questions and studied them the most... I thought i did the best in this section over the others!!
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    Section III - Personality

    HATSHEPSUT....was alright.. B) was VERY broad... a) had been asked b4 and was to long for 10 mark question!! I was hoping for a qtn on building program.... but oh well... 3 exams to gooo...WOO...lol
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    I thought it was pretty gooood!! I especially liked the minoan section... i thought it was REALLY easy... :) I liked the pompeii and herc. religion and water qtns BUT the last question had been basically asked b4 so i studied it in less detail... lucky i knew it quite well... Hatshepsut (a)...