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  1. mmm_sofay

    Business Admin cert lll

    Has anyone done this course? I just started it today at Wollongong Tafe. Do you really need all the textbooks they have listed??? I have a list of 8 textbooks that I need. (Also if anyone has completed this course and still has any of the textbooks, and would like to get rid of them, Ive got...
  2. mmm_sofay

    photoshop cs3

    does anyone know where i can get cs3 for cheap? or even better, can someone send me a copy, by any chance? im getting a new laptop and have lost my copy of cs2.whatevs, and wouldnt mind getting myself a copy of cs3 if anyone can help me out, that would be great.
  3. mmm_sofay

    Parkway Drive, Horizons - Live

    goes alright, but killing with a smile is better. saw parkway drive last night and it was amazing. carrion is amazing live. smoke em still goes fucking awesome, but they fucked up a fair bit. hopefully things will be better at the roundhouse on friday night. not too keen on the shirt...
  4. mmm_sofay

    bring me the horizon

    November 17 at roundhouse. tickets on sale september 26. whos going? apart from me and andrea.
  5. mmm_sofay

    ultimo tafe

    ok, this may be a stupid question, but anyways. where the fuck is ultimo tafe? right now, im pressuming its the huge ass mother fucker tafe thats opposite central. am i correct? or is it elsewhere?
  6. mmm_sofay


    so i have major plans of going there for a months next year after i turn 21. im over wollongong, im slowly getting over sydney, im over nsw and i need a change of scenery. i have relies there, so im right for accomodation, but does anyone know how easy it is to get jobs in adelaide? whats...
  7. mmm_sofay

    is it possible

    yeah, it is possible to be enrolled in two different tafe subjects at two different tafes? like, one that goes for a year, but only one day a week, and then another one that only goes for one semester? if anyone knows the answer, please email it to mmm_sofay@hotmail.com thanks.
  8. mmm_sofay

    wollongong music/bands/concerts

    it just keeps better and better. and even more so because of the abundance of free concerts. example - Thursday 2nd June Against All Odds at Ox tav, FREE This Sunday - Takedown, some other band and Mary Jane Kelly at The Rock Factory. FREE. Sat 10th June- Inanimate Objects at...
  9. mmm_sofay

    concert of the year was last night

    and i was there. coz im awesome. and hardcore. and other stuff. stronghold, jungle fever, her nightmare and parkway drive. biggest and bestest hardcore concert australia has ever seen. and i was there. taking photos and movies. which all look super fantastic. and yeah. all you...
  10. mmm_sofay

    Night Watch: Nochnoi Dozor

    comes out on DVD on the 15th. Im quite excited to see it. just have to wait for the next two installments.
  11. mmm_sofay

    youth allowance/rent assistence

    when returning forms to centerlink for the youth allowance/unfit to live at home etc, does anyone know how long it takes for it to all go through system and when one will start recieving money???
  12. mmm_sofay

    first day at tafe

    how was yours? mine was kinda boring. had orientation at 10am, and it lasted 45mins at the most, and my class didnt start till 1.30pm, so i had so much time to kill. then when i finally got into class, all i did was draw. boy oh boy, it was thrilling!!! not. i hope wednesday is more...
  13. mmm_sofay

    sup, fashion crisis

    so like, i was out, and i was drinking illusions all night, and me and ally were peeling off the labels and sticking them on my jeans till my leg was full of illusions stickers and i had to start on my right leg. so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway i now have sticky stuff on my jeans from the stickers...
  14. mmm_sofay

    el cheapo hair straightners

    whats a good hair straightner thats cheap. like, really cheap. i dont need one of them GHD's with all that fancy shiznit coz i dont want my hair dead straight. im not even going to use it for straightning my hair, just for styling as i got a new hair style, and it looked radd when my...
  15. mmm_sofay

    paying for tafe courses

    when and how does one pay for tafe courses?
  16. mmm_sofay

    Work Meetings

    wow, I have my very first work meeting this Friday at 6.30pm. and I will get my uniform. and get my shifts for the next 4weeks. and stuff.
  17. mmm_sofay

    Design Fundamentals Portfolio Interview + Apptitude Test

    Did any one else applied for Design Fundamentals? I received a letter from Tafe today saying I wasnt accepted because I didnt go to the Portfolio Interview and Apptitude Test, but Tafe didnt inform me of said interview/test, and in the letter I got, it said the class is full. A few months...
  18. mmm_sofay

    looking for a bikini...

    has anyone seen this bikini in any stores in wollongong or sydney? its aztec rose. i dont want the whole store listing of every store in the state. i dont want stores listings of any store in nsw/syd/wollongong for that matter. if any one has seen this exact style of bikini (not other...
  19. mmm_sofay

    looking for a bikini...

    has anyone seen this bikini in any stores in sydney or wollongong area? btw, its an Aztec Rose bikini...
  20. mmm_sofay

    Boys Of Summer Tour

    featuring: Parkway Drive Evergreen Terrace Carpathian The Getaway Plan Jan 4 - The Depot, Bris. (18+) Jan 5 - Byron Bay High School (AA) Jan 6 - Lions Den, Bris. (AA) Jan 7 - The Gaelic Club, Syd. (Lic. AA) Jan 10 - Green Room, Canberra (18+) Jan 11 - The Cambridge, Newy. (18+) Jan...