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  1. shumphrey

    Does UNSW have tutorials in week 1?

    I'm kinda worried cause some sport clubs have an introductory/ learn to play thing at week 1 and are usually during my tut times but normal training time seems fine in regards to my timetable. So can i keep my timetable the same or should i alter it (math1031 tut from 5-6pm)
  2. shumphrey

    Do you actually need physics for chemistry at unsw?

    I looked at the major outline for chemistry in handbook and it says for stage 1 a physics course is required (ie-PHYS1111) http://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/undergraduate/plans/2018/CHEMA13970.html yet none of subjects later on require a physics course as a prerequisite Is it required to...
  3. shumphrey

    What laptop should I get for uni?

    Just wondering what laptops you guys use and if you have recommendations I can spend up to $1500 for one am studying science at unsw if that effects it (applications required?)
  4. shumphrey

    Advanced science vs normal science at UNSW

    Is there any critical difference between the 2 programs-it seems u can learn the same content in the normal science bachelor and still do postgrad so is there any important difference?
  5. shumphrey

    question about HSC results and preferences

    I got marks today that in most calculators score 88-90ish, I want to do bachelor of science at unsw (85) so im good unless i get completely butt fucked by scaling. I am wondering that if I got 90ish as my final atar would it be worth selecting unsw bachelor of advanced science(95) as my first...
  6. shumphrey

    Social life at UNSW and USYD?

    I've heard a variety of things regarding the social life of both UNSW and USYD and want to know what is true In terms of positives I have heard both sides say they all have a vast amount of activities and clubs to do so I'm going to assume they are equal in regards to clubs The negatives...
  7. shumphrey

    Does uni provide Microsoft office programs for free

    Currently don't have office and am using a free crap alternate version, do unis provide microsoft office etc. for free or reduce cost (posted to unsw forum cause its first preference but also wondering about usyd and uts)
  8. shumphrey

    Just realized my school disposes of lead containing solutions down the sink?

    I was working through a past paper (2013) and one question mentioned something about disposing of lead safety, an I was a bit confused because we were never taught how to do it and my teacher just lets everyone pour it down the sink:uhoh:, sort came up with a half decent response (evaporating...
  9. shumphrey

    It just me or was the 2010 HSC biology paper hard?

    Just finished the paper (havn't marked it yet) and it seemed really hard, anyone else have a similar experience?
  10. shumphrey

    Lowest ATAR to get into bachelor of science at unsw

    The ATAR cut off is 85 however the website (with actual atar acceptance stats) said the average was 84.7, what would be the lowest one could get accepted without bonus points?
  11. shumphrey

    The HSC timetables say we receive a personalised booklet, waht does this mean?

    I'm guessing we dont have to write student number/center number?
  12. shumphrey

    Are uni grades rank based or score/mark based

    how does marking at uni work, do they cap how many people can get HD (say only top 10%) or is it based around how well you actually do (if everyone writes a great report then everyone gets good marks)?
  13. shumphrey

    Question about the UNSW fitness centre

    A bit off topic to UNSW but I am interested in olympic lifting and am wondering if there are any good trainers at the fitness center that can teach proper olympic lifts and actually know what they are doing Also are there any of the following equipment: -Olympic rings with enough movement...
  14. shumphrey

    Question about preferences?

    Having a problem with my current preferences but here are my current choices 1- UNSW Bachelor of Science, ATAR 85 2- ??? 3-USYD Bachelor of Science, ATAR 80 4-UTS Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology), ATAR 76.2 5-UNE Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business, ATAR 72.55 I am unsure...
  15. shumphrey

    Can I have an ATAR estimate please?

    Gotten my results for most of my subjects back after trials and kind of did shit to bring my english up My school ranked around 100 last year (due to smart kids) but is normally in the 140's but my year is supposedly a smart one too so not sure what that means for an estimated rank...
  16. shumphrey

    Need help with this chemistry syllabus point

    Maybe I'm being retarded but not sure what this syllabus point wants "analyse and present information from secondary sources to discuss the ways in which analytical techniques may provide evidence about samples" Thanks for the help
  17. shumphrey

    What are assignments like in a neuroscience major?

    I'm interested in neuroscience and I had a look at the course outline (within bachelor of science) and there are a lot of "soft science" subjects in it such as psychology related ones. Although psychology isn't my main interest I don't mind learning about it but I am worried that it will...
  18. shumphrey

    Worth changing option topics?

    Finished my trials and I have all term remaining before hsc. Would it be worth changing my option topic from farming for the 21st century to agri-food, fibres and fuel technologies. I want to change because I am more interested in the other topic. In addition to this there seems to be less...
  19. shumphrey

    Is this true about finishes (timber and furniture products)?

    I have heard that markers for timber and furniture products only accept polyurethane, varnishes and epoxy resin in MDPs, Is this true? btw I'm building a red cedar chest and I think that a medium gloss oil or shellac/french polish will look good and is best suited to the project, if you got...
  20. shumphrey

    Time spent studying to get a distinction or high distinction average?

    I have heard uni is pretty rough in terms of difficulty, so to those of you who have a distinction or high distinction average-->how much do you study and how much time do you spend working and having fun?