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  1. Nerdygirl

    2016 Major Textiles project

    Hi I'm not sure if you've been through some of the older threads in this forum but a couple of years ago I posted a list of tips and tricks, if you like I can copy it across to this thread. In regards to techniques I'm pretty sure there is no guideline as to what number markers look for...
  2. Nerdygirl

    crappy 92 what can I do

    Hi In regards to Radiography whilst it is an awesome career the job prospects certainly aren't great. I just finished my degree and am one of the I'd say over 200 students in NSW looking for my first position, if you do pursue this option be prepared to work as a podiatrist for a while until...
  3. Nerdygirl

    Law/Business at UON?

    Hi Tink Unfortunately traffic for all the UON forums is pretty much at a standstill. If you want to check out the curriculum and workload for the course the best way to go would be to look at the program handbook for the course. I've attached the URL here...
  4. Nerdygirl

    UON 2014 Roll Call

    Returning for what will hopefully be my final year of Medical Radiation Science (Diagnostic Radiography)
  5. Nerdygirl


    Hi While I cant give any electrical engineering specific advice I can give some general tips for organising a UoN timetable To start with have a look for components that you aren't given a choice of time for eg lectures. Put these into a makeshift timetable eg excel spread sheet Then try to have...
  6. Nerdygirl

    Question on transferring courses

    Yes you definitely can. I'm currently studying diagnostic radiography and know quite a few fellow students who transferred from other degrees or unis. If you really want to pursue radiography or nuclear med, it might be worth the time talking to a program officer. You could do some of the...
  7. Nerdygirl

    MTP Hand Ins....

    Getting your major back now does not mean you haven't made Texstyle (so still plenty of hope). If you get accepted you get a letter in mid to late November (after conclusion of HSC exams) as does your school. Also if you do make it there will be instructions as to how and when they want you to...
  8. Nerdygirl

    Speech Pathology

    Hi This forum is generally pretty dead and I don't know any Newcastle speech pathology students on here but I'll try to help. I think your best bet would be to try and get to the Callaghan open day on the 24th August that way you can get information from the right people or send the uni an...
  9. Nerdygirl


    Hi The program that newcastle runs for people over 20 is called Open foundation, it is similar to new step here is the link to the web page http://www.newcastle.edu.au/future-students/non-school-leaver/6-getting-in.html and follow the links on this page for any more information. If you have any...
  10. Nerdygirl

    MTP Portfolio help

    Go for it. Just make sure it fits in with the presentation of your folio and finished item and make sure you have all the required content. Markers will reward creativity if it is done well. I know I scrapbooked my inspirations page using double sided foam tape and incorporating different pieces...
  11. Nerdygirl

    experimnattions? any ideas??

    Hi It really depends on what you are making and the focus area you chose. The marking guidelines for the MTP state that your experiments should influence your design and construction techniques to get high range marks. If you post up more information I can help with some ideas.
  12. Nerdygirl

    Radiography into Radiology

    Why the hate on Radiography windupbird1? For all those who are interested in Radiography you would be surprised by the ammount of physics in the degree, at Newcastle we have to learn the physics behind not just X-ray but nuclear medicine and Radiation thearapy there is also a continued study in...
  13. Nerdygirl

    Subjects for Diagnostic Radiography!

    Hi I'm also doing radiography but at Newcastle uni as opposed to Sydney. Definetly agree with previous posts that you should do HSC physics as it makes many course components much easier. Though as an add on if you can do biology as I found that particularly in first year there is a real focus...
  14. Nerdygirl

    HSC Textiles and Design MTP 2012

    Yeah, it doesn't have to be times just something where the characters can be easily made out or as easy to read as times. Hmmm with the folios that were almost unreadable, mine was one of those. To fit my order of construction in I used size 9 in Arial but that was only for that section and...
  15. Nerdygirl

    HSC Textiles and Design MTP 2012

    This is definetly true Schools need to ensure their students are aware of a small addition to the Textiles and Design major projects criteria for 2012. The following text has been added to the criteria for supporting documentation in students’ folios on page 10 of Assessment and Reporting in...
  16. Nerdygirl

    University of newcastle 2012 roll call

    Ha sounds good, see you there. For me I'll be commuting everyday, I live on the Central Coast only 5 mins drive from the ourimbah campus but to get to Callaghan its an hour and a half by train. Oh and in case you missed my earlier post my name's Sarah
  17. Nerdygirl

    University of newcastle 2012 roll call

    And now we have three. Hey Ovalteenies are you going to be at the radiography PIES? If so you want to meet up there?
  18. Nerdygirl

    University of newcastle 2012 roll call

    Yes tried this morning and got exactly the same thing as you, apparently they are doing IT upgrades but from the email they sent us to our uon accounts they said my hub should still be avaliable. Has anyone else been sent the Australia post mail standards email?
  19. Nerdygirl

    University of newcastle 2012 roll call

    Hmmm not sure on that best way to find out would be to contact the university its self, just go to their page and in the search bar type "ask UoN" and you can ask them directly on there.
  20. Nerdygirl

    University of newcastle 2012 roll call

    Uon's enrollment is really frustrating. It is a definite yes on having to wait untill the PIES session, I got sick of the lack of information so I went onto ask UoN and got told we can not enroll untill the PIES session. Though if you want more info on your program and have set up a blackboard...