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  1. b0redAsian


    Hey guys, just wondering whether any of you's are considering any prep courses. If so, which ones? I'm thinking of MedStart specifically for their tutorial classes as they organise throughout the yr until UMAT.
  2. b0redAsian

    UMAT prep companies

    Hey guys, I did the Umat this year and didnt get the score I wanted.. So Im thinking of going through a prep course next year (I.e medentry) Was wondering what you guys found to be the most helpful Umat prep comapy. Thanks.
  3. b0redAsian

    Barium iodate !!!

    molecular formula please :)
  4. b0redAsian

    Umat resources

    Hey guys, any chance of downloading or viewing umat resources (practice questions and solutions) online that are for free? cheers.
  5. b0redAsian

    Orientation Week

    what do we do in O'week ? and do we have to go
  6. b0redAsian

    Medical Science @ UNSW

    guys,, i dont get this course shit... like for semester 1... srsly wtf im lost.. do i choose every subject for stage 1 :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: http://www.handbook.unsw.edu.au/undergraduate/programs/2011/3991.html
  7. b0redAsian


    ummmm... help/help/help :cry: b.med science @ unsw
  8. b0redAsian

    *uac main offers thread

    Guys big day tomorrow, good luck to all and hopefully we all get into the course we want :)
  9. b0redAsian

    Demand and supply ATAR cut-offs

    Should the ATAR cut-offs for uni courses fluctuate much this year..
  10. b0redAsian

    UNI PREFERENCES bonus points considerations

    Hello, i was wondering how the uni's consider preferences when offering places in courses in regards to bonus points i.e. EAS and subject bonus points etc.. and are you disadvantaged compared to other students that have already made the cut-off with a raw atar mark as opposed to your mark...
  11. b0redAsian

    Elite Athletes and Performers Program

    Hello guys Merry Christmas :) :tree: um just wondering whether anyone applied for an elite athletes program and got accepted in any unis. got verified by UNSW last week :)
  12. b0redAsian

    How do bonus points work when being considered preferences in uni ??

    Hello, for example i have been eligible for EAS, also i qualified for subject bonus points i.e. UNSW how does this all work when the uni is considering your preferences ??
  13. b0redAsian

    umat next week guys :O

    oh my gosh umat next week, and i got trials the week after :L GG..
  14. b0redAsian

    summary notes

    does any1 have any good revision/study notes on either chem/phys/eco...
  15. b0redAsian

    Medicine !!!!

    Hi guys, i need some help, in getting into medicine. Just say, i am unable to reach the 'recommended' ATAR of 97+ and don't make it into undergraduate medicine degree. What are my other options of getting into medicine?? (ie. Advanced Science --> medicine) thanks
  16. b0redAsian

    Just soo Bored !!

    :spzz: Hey guys, just wondering how many hours are you guys studying a day in preparation for the trials?