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  1. LuKiN

    Did anyone get MICR??

    did anyone get that question? it was so retarted and so out of the blue. virtually every question in the exam was stuff you could just make up answers to... and then they throw in a question like that. i just wrote "Wtf mate?" and left half a page incase i had time to make something up...
  2. LuKiN

    Formatted HDD Recovery

    Does anyone know of a program which can be used to recover files off a formatted hard drive. I've found two, the only problem is that they aren't free and the trial versions wont let me recover 112gigs of stuff :S please help me i need these files back. Thanks in advance.
  3. LuKiN

    Aiming for 92+

    Aiming for 92+.. Prediction Please ok... i need a little prediction. i can't really tell you my class ranks and stuff because i dont have them handy but i am right at the top of most of my subjects except english where i am about half way. anyways. i can tell what bands i should be able to...
  4. LuKiN

    Awesome Image for related texts

    I love this image... and if you ask me its frightfully appropriate as a related text for physical journeys. I used to have some notes i made on it.. but i think i deleted them... whoops.. but they would have been crap anyways.