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  1. _dhj_

    Principal rues loss of honour courses

    http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/principal-rues-loss-of-honour-courses/2008/09/29/1222650989544.html lol at the pun.
  2. _dhj_

    The Brief

    First episode was promising. It's on tonight at 8:30.
  3. _dhj_

    Federal election - Predictions

    This poll isn't asking who you will vote for so I've made it public.
  4. _dhj_

    Drugs evil: PM

    http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/drugs-evil-pm/2007/10/17/1192300843863.html Are all drugs 'evil'? Should we stop referring to 'party' or 'recreational' drugs? Is Howard trying too hard to appeal to good ol' values?
  5. _dhj_

    What are you most likely to die from?

    Out of the top 10 causes of death...
  6. _dhj_

    In the Mood for Love

    ...was on sbs last night. Did anyone watch it? :)
  7. _dhj_

    Movies you're looking forward to

    Not sure if there's already a thread for this... For me: Match Point Marie Antoinette (don't know when that's gonna be released :( )
  8. _dhj_

    Creative - can they specify?

    can they specify the subgenre? e.g. "write a hard-boiled... "
  9. _dhj_

    BOS booklets

    Did anyone else find the paper.. kinda rough? Especially at the start I was struggling with trying to "glide" my gel pen across the paper.