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  1. SkimDawg


    How did you guys go in this option? I thought it was pretty straightforward, except the 7 marker, if you didn't study an australian wreck well, yeah it would have been gay.
  2. SkimDawg

    General Thoughts - Software Design and Development

    Hey all, how did you go, the good/bad, ect. I found it a good paper, but lack of study was an influence on how well I went lol.
  3. SkimDawg

    Hsc 2004 Q27 & 2005 Q19

    More ext. response, sigh. Q27 - A sports magazine commenting on the athletic ability of Michael Jordan, the famous baskeball player said: 'Being an athlete takes more brains then brawn. It takes time and effort. It takes endurance and commitment. It takes an athlete who can stay in te air for...
  4. SkimDawg

    HSC 2002 Q6bi) & ii)

    http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc_exams/hsc2002exams/pdf_doc/mathemat_ext1_02.pdf I was somewhat enjoying doing this paper until I got to this. Can someone show me how its done please. thanks.
  5. SkimDawg

    2003 HSC Q26 and Q27

    Ext. response, what fun.. Q26 - Describe Einstein's contributions to Special Relativity and to Quantum Theory and how these contributions changed the direction of scientific thinking in the Twentieth Century. (6 marks) Q27 - In a particle accelerator called a synchrotron, magnet fields are used...
  6. SkimDawg

    HSC 2003 Q17b

    A Satellite of mass 150kg is launched from Earth's surface into a uniform circular orbit of radius 7.5*10^6m. a) Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational potential energy Ep of the satellite. I got 8*10^9N, which I think is right. But then.. b) From this uniform circular orbit, the...
  7. SkimDawg

    HSC 2006 Q17b

    Calculate the pH after 20mL of 0.01 mol/L sodium hydroxide is added to 50mL of 0.2mol/L hydrochloric acid. Include a balanced chemical equation in your answer. I think I've gotten the values for the pH for both the solutions, but what do I do now? thanks
  8. SkimDawg

    Hsc 2003 Q22

    Describe a first-hand investigation to demonstrate the effect on a generated electric current when the strength of the magnet is varied. (5 marks) Did anyone do this prac? If so, what did you do? We didnt do it....
  9. SkimDawg


    From the topic "superconductors". Has this been removed from the syllabus? I haven't seen it mentioned.
  10. SkimDawg

    Uai Estimate

    I wasn't interested in the beginning, but I might as well do one. English(Adv): 10/30 Maths: 2/16 Maths ext1: 2/2 (sigh) Physics: 1/11 Chemistry: 2/7 Software, Design and Development: 1/7 School was ranked 07 about...400ish (another sigh) Looking between 70 - 88, ty