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  1. dark`secrets

    hello all!

    I dont think there are many nursing students here, but if there are i'll like to say hello!!! If you are doing nursing post a short reply. Plus if you guys have any queries about the course, post here! Cheers, darky.
  2. dark`secrets

    Calling all sci students

    okay this format is weird and i dont know how to submit my preferences.. can anyone help me? im located at the KG campus! thanks in advance :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  3. dark`secrets

    Library- help! :(

    Is it me or are the services for the library (e.g. databases and e-readings) is down? everytime i try signing in it says "Attempt to authenticate to non-existent session" :s
  4. dark`secrets

    SD Card problem

    hrmm... My sd card keeps on asking me to format it and i do, but it keeps asking me over and oer again. My SD card is used for my digital camera. I also tried formatting it using my computer. So if anyone have any ideas to rectify the problem then please share. Alternatively if anyone know...
  5. dark`secrets

    calling all nursing students

    i was wondering how important is Chem in terms of nursing. Is it important to the extent that we should pick up a Chemistry bridging course?
  6. dark`secrets

    Web Enrolment

    Okay i went onto the web enrolment thing and got totally confused. :s So the real thing isnt AS confusing right? And there will be HEAPS AND HEAPS of people there to help you right ?
  7. dark`secrets

    Schools Over :) :d

    Okay, so school's over for another year and what are you guys thankful for (esp for those who have finished)? I'm glad there's no more analyzing in writing techniques for english and writing algorithms in SDD.
  8. dark`secrets

    Saw (warning: SPOILERS!)

    I saw it today and thought it was awesome. Has anyone else seen this movie?
  9. dark`secrets

    problem! damn IE~

    okay this is the problem im experiencing, dont knwo whats the matter as i havent even touched the resolution. everything is so tinnnnnnyy!! i have to squint my eyes!
  10. dark`secrets

    sharing resources!

    if found a link on the board of studies site, where you can test your self on multiple choice questions~ http://www4.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/online_mcq/ well, if anyone has any other GOOD resources for people please share!
  11. dark`secrets


    hey is anyone going to that leadership thing at parliament house? where all those politician speakers talk?:confused: after that there is a tour of state library or something! if so was it boring? well, from what i heard last year, it was pretty CRAP!
  12. dark`secrets

    types of fundraising

    okay.. being in yr 12 there are plenty of things to pay for eg. formal gear, formal, yr 12 picnic jerseies, yearbooks ETC. anyone have any ideas of effective and good types of fundraising we can use to have the cost of such events ta, -dark`secrets:rolleyes:
  13. dark`secrets

    last samurai! seen it?

    HEy i dont know if there is a thread to this but yeh!~ i saw it yesterday and thought it was a good movie! did anyone agree or disagree?:p