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    The BOS are a bunch of Phucken Wankers

    Bloody 'ell PHUCK!! Yeah that's right.. as soon as i got home from the SDD exam i just wanted to root someone to get it off my mind. I honestly WANTED TO KILL MYSELF the moment i walked out from it. AND THEY SAY LAST YEAR'S PAPER WAS HARD!!!!!!
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    I LOVE SAM DAVIS!! (is he married?)

    Hey Sam, If you're reading this, I would just like to say that I really love you and your textbook. I have all the SDD textbooks possible, and i reckon your's beats the hell outta the other ones! I'd like to thank you for putting so much effort into it, so that people like me (last minute...
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    Ok can someone who is doing medical physics help me with this syllabus point.. Assess the impact of the develoipment of modern methods of diagnostic imaging on society. I never know how to answer these wordy questions which turn out to be worth like 8 marks!
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    Trial Aftermath

    I'm gonna F*CK yeah that's right... do a lot of F*CKING
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    Software Developer's View of the Hardware

    Hey for those of you who are doing the option topic "Software Developer's view of the Hardware", how do u go about studying for it (excluding the binary arithmetic stuff)? Every textbook has something different and the syllabus itself isn't clear.
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    The Arnolds Are Going Down!

    Who wants to help me stalk Graham and Denise Arnold??
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    Sdd Catholic Trials

    People who have/will do the Catholic Trials in either of the following subjects please email me.. SDD, Physics, 3U Maths, 4U maths, english adv/standard, PDH... We can swap questions if i've sat for your exam, and you've sat for one of mine.. My email address is: sodges@hotmail.com