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  1. cataleptic

    Anyone going to Southern Cross at lismore??

    Haha, I live near Lismore and I can't wait to get out of the place. I'm going to UQ.
  2. cataleptic

    Things you and your partner can do at home

    Have a farting contest.
  3. cataleptic

    got a fetish?

    Actually you're wrong. They're an integral part of that individual's sexuality and if that need isn't met, they have great sexual difficulties. It's just like sexuality. If you're a straight guy, you can't fuck another guy because you're not aroused. It's the same thing with 'fetishes', except...
  4. cataleptic

    Ladies: do you care if your man goes to a strip club?

    I encouraged my pasy boyfriend to visit them a schoolies and get lapdances, etc. Hell, they're just a bit of fun, he doesn't take it seriously, we've both watched porn, so why the hell shouldn't he see a bit of skin other than my ownm just for the sake of it? It's all good. I'll be...
  5. cataleptic

    How do we enrol

    Haha, no idea. Fat lot of help I am.
  6. cataleptic

    Who is getting excited for uni?

    I'm not sure. I don't want to move, I'm not ready. I'm not ready for Uni yet either. I don't know why I'm going through with it. I don't know what I'd do otherwise, though. Yeah - not feeling the pink thing. Haha.
  7. cataleptic

    QTAC Offers

    I got B of Psychological Science at UQ, 1st preference. Woohoo.
  8. cataleptic

    Premier's Awards

    I'm going, I think. I don't want to, but my mother really wants me to. Eh... effort. They can mail it out.
  9. cataleptic

    QTAC main round offers are OUT!

    I got my offer, 1st preference, woohoooo. B of Psychological Science at UQ. Go me. I'm stoked.
  10. cataleptic

    obvious CHEATING in ext 2 english

    Wee. Yay. Thankyou.
  11. cataleptic

    Your SC marks vs your HSc marks which did you do better in ?

    SC: 1 band 6 (96 in english), all rest were mid band 5s. HSC: All band 6s. I think I gave more of a damn this time around.
  12. cataleptic

    Which subject is everyone pissed off about?

    I got 90 in Biology, that was my lowest mark. I feel I could have gotten a few marks higher.
  13. cataleptic

    95+ with a simultaneous part time job?

    Yeah, I had a job, but admittedly I took time off from it leading up to the HSC to study. I got 97.95... I don't think having a job or not has any real bearing. Just as long as you still make time to study, etc.
  14. cataleptic

    UAI without tutors?

    I got 97.95 and I never had a tutor.
  15. cataleptic

    Teachers' reactions to your results??

    Haha, my biology teacher just called me, she's so proud of me and is so excited. Yay.
  16. cataleptic

    got a fetish?

    Most fetishes are of a deviant nature though, hence why not everyone has them.
  17. cataleptic

    parents gifts for getting good in hsc ? or no gifts :(

    I got nothing, but it's not like I wanted anything or was expecting anything. My mum bought home thai for dinner that night though, and then halfway through the meal said "uh yeah... um... this can be the celebration dinner". Haha, woh-ev.
  18. cataleptic

    Teachers' reactions to your results??

    I haven't been up to see my teachers yet. i feel so bad, because they were all so god damn good to me.
  19. cataleptic

    Parents Reaction to UAI marks

    You are awesome - your daughter is so incredibly lucky to have a parent supporting her like that. Much kudos and respect to you :)