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  1. Chickadee

    Making a Forum!

    Hey can anyone send me on my way to make a good forum, the steps involved, stuff like that... do you also know where i can find the code and skins for a forum....thanks!
  2. Chickadee

    Website Protecting

    Im trying to protect a website and need some help to do the following things: protecting the code, hiding the URL's and password protection. Does anyone know where i can find out how to do these things, or does someone no what to do? Thanks
  3. Chickadee

    Wireless Networking

    i am wondering how to set up a wireless network at home consisting of 3 computer and a laptop. I have a wireless speedstream modem, that i use for the internet, and know that you can network through it but am not sure how, does anyone know or has done it? Or where can i find instructions...
  4. Chickadee


    hope someone can help me? Im doing a website using dreamweaver. Firstly i have a a banner in the first column of a table, then it splits into 2 columns. The left side is for the links and the middle is for the content. my problem being the links, i put another table in that column, everytime...
  5. Chickadee

    Windows XP themes

    hey can anyone help me with the installation process of a windows xp theme? i have tried everything, can anyone help?
  6. Chickadee

    Converting music -mac to windows-

    hope someone can help me? I got music of a mac and now want to put it on a PC in Itunes. The files have turned to .file exe! How do i change them so that windows can read them?
  7. Chickadee

    Flash animation

    hey hope someone can help, im trying to find a flash animation, very short not a movie, some sort of cartoon character, hope 2 find a swf file. Ive looked everywhere! well thanks
  8. Chickadee


    hey anyone know where i can find some real cool layouts for my journal? Ive looked in google and havent found much i like! Just wondering if anyone has come across any free layouts? thanks
  9. Chickadee

    help with Javascript plz

    hey anyone know how to work with javascript, so need some help. Im updating a website for some ppl, and they have a javascript menu, i need to add on to this menu, well the submenu. How do i do this? I havent worked with javascript before. Help Plz
  10. Chickadee

    online banking games

    does anyone know of an online banking game for kids? please help!
  11. Chickadee

    printing to the edge

    hope someone can help me, just wondering if anyone knows how to print something right to the edge of a piece of A4 paper. I have tried using microsoft word and adobe acrobat. can anyone help?
  12. Chickadee

    help with finding plugins

    plz need help,im doing an assignment where i have to pick a theme and find all these plugins, well ive picked the theme, ANIMALS, im having trouble finding a couple of them, an activex control and a java applet. can anyone tell me where i can find these things? they are going to be placed on a...
  13. Chickadee

    Ipod help

    hope someone can help me! Just wondering if it is possible to transfer songs from one ipod to another......? If so how do i do this? Thanks
  14. Chickadee

    Video editing

    just wondering if anyone can help me find or know of a website where i can download some video, as i do not have a video camera, so then i can play around with it in video editing software, thanks
  15. Chickadee

    GPRS connection

    hope someone can help me! Im trying to get my GPRS connection on my phone working, does anyone have this and what do i exactly do? I have a Nokia 3220
  16. Chickadee

    Updating a website!

    The scenario is, that i have been asked to update a website! I have been given the aditional text that needs to be added! i have to meet with the person that wants there website to be updated, and ask them a series of questions to understand what they want to have updated. I also have to...
  17. Chickadee

    HTML help!

    hope someone can help me, im just creating a website and i want some text to go vertical, what is the coding for this? thanks!
  18. Chickadee

    determining storage and download time

    hope someone can help, i was just trying to work out the storage size for a video file for 10 sec of full screen tv quality is this right? 640x480x1=307200/1024 = 30/1024=0.29296875x30 = 8.7890625x10 = 87.89MB then i was seeing how long it would take to download and this is where it gets...
  19. Chickadee

    Finding Nemo

    i have 3 questions about Finding Nemo and i have being trying to find these answers, no luck, hope someone can help. The questions are, firstly, what are 2 spinoffs from finding nemo secondly, what are some disadvantages of the way Pixar produced finding nemo thirdly, whats the social...
  20. Chickadee

    3D Modelling & sound effect for computer games

    can anyone help me? Looking for info on 3D modelling and sound effects used in computer game design! please help asap thanks