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  1. K

    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    It should be the final mark.
  2. K

    COMP2511, 3821 & 6841 (OOP, Ext. Algos, Ext. Security). Should I underload?

    COMP2911/2511 and COMP3821 shouldn't have too high of a workload contrary to what most people say.
  3. K

    Computer Science students

    yes. they will hire the god squareroot from TAFE bc u have Dip Tech Eng @ Mt Druitt. Regarding the exam, "coding stuff" is really too broad. Exam content will almost always be relevant and explicitly stated on the lecture notes or prescribed textbook otherwise students will definitely complain...
  4. K

    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 You can check your WAM before the results are out (only about a week earlier?). Go to myUNSW, stream declaration and click "change streams".
  5. K

    Bridging Courses

    Looking at the bridging course timetable here, in 2017, it seems that the Chemistry/Mathematics/Physics sessions do not clash. I am not sure if this will be the case for 2018 though.
  6. K

    Struggling in S1

    What do you mean by "little math knowledge"? You can definitely get a credit for MATH1 A/B (Calculus and Linear Algebra) if you did 2U, but Discrete, that is another story.
  7. K

    Struggling in S1

    I'm enjoying my degree (Comp Sci) at UNSW so far. I don't know the exact format of CS at Macq but at UNSW, you basically finish off MATH subjects in the first year and you are out of a "math" only subject. Comp Sci depends heavily on Math and as such, if you do not wish to continue learning math...
  8. K

    Physics help

    You are definitely correct.
  9. K

    Physics help

    \\$Your $ d_{1} $ assumed that the gun was on the same side as the wall as the observer, but your $ d_{2} $ does otherwise.\\Draw a small diagram like below:$ [observer]<---------240m-------->[ gun ]<----80m--->[wall] \\$Then you should get $ d_{1} = 320 $ (sound from gun bouncing back from...
  10. K

    Gym sesh

    wowwww sugoi!
  11. K

    Major Design Project Outline and guide for Students

    Talk about why you were unable to finish. You can attribute this to many factors such as inadequate research, running out of finance/budget or just the sheer lack of experience/skill. Just bullshit your way through.
  12. K

    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 Just click "Swap" at my.unsw.edu.au to check the numbers but don't "save" it.
  13. K

    Is it even possible?

    If you are not too far from another school that offers Advanced (I mean most schools should...), just move schools. Unless you want to be the first person to get 99.9+ with Standard English..
  14. K

    Calculator Store Function for Maths, Physics

    You could save physics G/h constants but they are given anyways
  15. K

    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 which subject is this? If it is 2041, yes. If it is anything else, it depends on your tutor.
  16. K

    Bachelor of Computer Science & Technology (BCST)?

    Note: I'm from UNSW doing Computer Science. Are you talking about COMP1511? COMP1511 has a new lecturer in-charge and he has changed most of the content to be quite challenging as compared to its equivalent COMP1917 offered in the previous years. Andrew's aim in assignments/exams is to ensure...
  17. K

    SDD Year 11 Half Yearly Exam

    When is the exam? You could easily read 121 pages over a weekend but being able to absorb the material is a different question. Remember that Year 11 does not influence your Year 12 marks and hence do not affect your ATAR/HSC marks in any way, you do not need to stress. I would recommend...
  18. K

    Computer Science with humanities/maths subjects?

    Did he start this year? Many students are struggling this semester it looks like? So I am assuming that COMP1511 (equivalent of COMP1917) is much harder than its equivalent offered last year since there has been a lecturer change.
  19. K

    Computer Science with humanities/maths subjects?

    It is possible to get into Computer Science without SDD or IPT, I did not do SDD or IPT. Regarding your 'limited knowledge of technology', obviously this will handicap you but not by much because the introductory level courses assume that you have no previous programming experience. Though...