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    trouble with uws enrollment

    did anyone recieve early offer from uws? and having issues with the enrollment process? because i keep getting this "You must complete other mandatory enrolment steps before proceeding. Please return to previous steps" and i am 100% sure i have completed everything and rechecked it...
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    UWS Early Offer

    i just got this email from uws. Congratulations on your recent achievements in Year 12! I am pleased to offer you an Early Offer Opportunity at the University of Western Sydney. does this mean im in?
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    early offer

    so my course cut-off is 68.05, however i got 65.55 atar. Additionaly, i get about 10 bonus points which will bring it to 75.55. To get early offer, i must meet or exceed the atar cut-off, so am i eligible for early offer since my atar NOT including bonus points is below the cut-off?
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    bonus points

    my career advisor told me that i get bonus points because my school is nationlized with govnment. he told me you get a bonus about 2-3 points. does anyone know much about this?
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    General maths

    to those who did general maths, how did you's go? what marks do you reckon you'll get? i thought the paper wasnt to hard. expecting 80/100
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    hate it when you complete a test and feel like you got like 90% then to only relize you made so many silly mistakes after u get the test back. this happens to me alot in maths. does this happen to anyone else?
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    well my friend is failing school and he is pretty depressed. its cause everyone has like uni plans and stuff, and he feels left behind and doesnt know what to do with his life. i tell him its not the end of the world, and theres like options like tafe. but he says that he doesnt want to go tafe...
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    did anyone apply for policing next year through uac? i just wanted to know if you guys think its a popular course.
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    retail service

    did anyone take the retail serice test today? if so, can you share some insights on the test. i thought it was pretty hard.
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    about atar

    hey i was just wondering if its hard to get an atar of 70? and btw, i want to get into this course at uni. the cut-off is 68.05. lets say i do get atar 70, and someone else gets 71. there is one spot availabe, would they choose the other person with higher atar over me?
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    hey i was just wondering, is it hard to get atar of 70? and btw, lets say a uni course cut-off is 68.05, and i get 70, but some one else gets 71. does that mean they'll take the person with 71 over me?
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    module B

    did anyone do witness? what were you supposed to write for: Discuss how Weir's perspective on individual struggle is conveyed in witness.