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  1. PrettyVacant

    Goodluck with hsc

    Goodluck with hsc
  2. PrettyVacant

    :P Hey that is pretty anonymous compared to what happened that other time in that...

    :P Hey that is pretty anonymous compared to what happened that other time in that chatbox...Hahahahahahaha. COME TO MOCKTAIL NIGHT.
  3. PrettyVacant

    I think you're "maestro".

    I think you're "maestro".
  4. PrettyVacant

    What's you're back-up if you don't get into med?

    WOW nobody picked veterinary sciences?! I know quite a few people who said that was their backup.
  5. PrettyVacant

    UNSW med cut-off

    And I actually agree with you. =| Personally I dunno, call them up and ask about it. Just being able to speak English in an interview does not mean you have the necessary English skills to be able to cope with higher levels of written articulation.
  6. PrettyVacant

    MedEntry UMAT Trial Exam 2009 - Indicator of UMAT score?

    Honestly how you do in the medentry exams is not an indication of anything, IMO. It gives you a fair idea of stuff you're shit at but I would take my results with a grain of salt.
  7. PrettyVacant

    Undergraduate Medicine & Health Sciences Admission Test

    Yeah UMAT is different to the GAMSAT. In the GAMSAT you actually need to know like sciencey stuff.
  8. PrettyVacant

    Should I consider medicine or just forget it?

    Goddamn don't wear that gothic shit to an interview. Honestly, even though at certain universities they say they won't judge you on what you wear, it's really hard to avoid the personal bias of interviewers. Wear something nice and formal, people do judge you on what you wear and honestly...
  9. PrettyVacant

    13 units :)

    13 units is epic srsly guys.
  10. PrettyVacant

    Engagement and the HSC

    Lol honestly can't be that bad. I had a boyfriend during the HSC and I spent a LOT more time with him than time spent studying and I did fiiine!
  11. PrettyVacant


    I like the current system. Worked for me. :D *end* PS your criteria isn't reasonable, I knew I wanted to do med straight out of high school and wasn't really interested in much else (except vet sci) and I'd be pretty fucking annoyed if I had to do a pre-med course (like the US system) to...
  12. PrettyVacant

    Most Interesting thing You've learnt so far in your degree at UNSW

    There are more bacteria in your body than cells!!
  13. PrettyVacant


    OMG well sorry we don't ALL have rego-slaves working for us!
  14. PrettyVacant

    What you hate about UNSW

    Hate no wireless internet in Wallace Wurth!! :(
  15. PrettyVacant

    undergraduate med, who can cut it?

    Lol my "alternative" to medicine was Veterinary Science, so there you go!
  16. PrettyVacant

    Postgrad Medicine Entry Advice

    Yeah definitely, the "ease" of entry is just supply VS demand. It's just a matter of how competitive the entry is.
  17. PrettyVacant

    Year 11 Study Time

    ;) Study smart, not hard. In terms of UAI, I didn't do that well. The only reason I got into my course is 'cause they had additional selection criteria (ie. interview) that I aced. I got 98.5, which is a lot lower than the median UAI for UNSW med but you'll find that quite a few people...
  18. PrettyVacant

    med advice

    And I agree with Chinaski, the high cutoffs are there ONLY BECAUSE the course is freakishly competitive...like loads of people want to do medicine and that's why they need to filter out people. UAI cutoffs are not indicative of course difficulty, but rather supply VS demand.
  19. PrettyVacant

    med advice

    That's untrue, I did almost no work through year twelve with pretty mediocre ranks. It wasn't until I totally failed my trials (lol like 40%) that I started putting my foot on the pedal and crammed for my externals. My externals really saved my ass.
  20. PrettyVacant

    Postgrad Medicine Entry Advice

    Lol surely there are some postgrad med schools that are "harder" to get into than others. I know that with undergrad med there were definitely some schools that were less competitive than others in terms of entry requirements...like if you suck at interviews or something, you'd find most schools...