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    Raw mark for state rank in chem?

    Where does it usually sit around? I am talking raw marks here and not HSC marks. I'm getting around low to mid 90's for a lot of the chem past papers and wondering if a state rank is possible. Although I understand most trial papers may not be reflective of the difficulty of HSC papers.
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    Im not 100% what exactly the specific needs are for you logbook. But you can try stuff like Notion which is really nice for handling projects like major works for HSC and logging and planning each step. I haven't used this one but Evernote is apparently really good (but idk about logging stuff).
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    How much you guys studying everyday?

    I'm doing about 5-7 hours a day. I put most of the work in before trials (which didnt end up happening) but 5-7 has been a good number for me since right now its just touching up on stuff im not sure about and honing my exam skills. Also what atar you guys aiming for. I am personally aiming for...
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    Atar Estimate

    It's an interstate uni, dont want to get too specific That's fair. I understand it is a complex system.
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    Atar Estimate

    so using this, my atar sits closer to mid 98 to 99. Is that correct? Given I get similar raw marks in the HSC exam. I guess that would mean my school is giving me a much lower prediction right? Also how much do my ranks play into this, given im top 2 for most my subjects?
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    Atar Estimate

    Hey all, I was wondering if yall could give me an estimated atar for the given overall mark for my year 12. The school needs to estimate my atar for some courses that I am applying to in Uni and they seem to just use the talent 100 calculator with whatever my overall mark is. I was wondering if...
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    totally agree with this, i know a good amount of people who've gotten 99+ atar from low ranking non selective schools. Plus, there is a lot of competition in those big selective schools (from what i hear anyway) which could be a negative thing for some students. I honestly don't think going to...
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    Tension Question Mod 2

    you can work out angle by taking the tangent
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    Tension Question Mod 2

    Sum up the forces in the x and y component and you can solve the two eqns simultaneously
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    Unseen texts help

    I'm really struggling with the unseen section of the advanced English papers. Not really sure how to approach it or get better at it. Any advice?
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    Best way to study for english?

    for me, improving in English from year 11 to 12 was, 1. Investing more time into it because it was by far my worse subject in year 11. 2. Actively seeking feedback from literally anyone, especially your teachers and qualified classmates. 3. Making sure that you are doing practice essays or...
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    Screwed for Business

    So I do MX2, MX1, English, Chem, Phys and Business. Business is clearly my easiest subjects and over the year I've gone by doing fairly well without studying for it too much. This was mainly coz the assessments were either take home or they were tests that examined a specific part of the...
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    Extension 2 Help

    Ive finished the extension 2 course and started doing past papers. I was having a few issues and i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice 1) Timing: Initially i thought 3hrs was a long time and i could finish the test and have time to check my work. Totally wrong. How do you manage...
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    Usyd Space Engineering course

    For anyone who is doing/did this course at USYD, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about it. What is it like? What are some interesting things you learn/do? What are the job prospects? Anyone considering this course, I'm keen to know why you guys are interested in doing the course...
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    Writing stuff under exam conditions

    Hello, Just had a question on writing essays and creatives under timed conditions. A lot of the feedback i get from my teachers is that my analysis and/or ideas are usually on point, however, when it comes to phrasing and writing solid sentences i totally crumble under exam conditions. Im not...
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    Should I change my subjects for next year?

    what subjects do you want to change? As Kyufriut said, if these are the subject you really like then i suggest you keep them because you are going to enjoy doing them. It helps a lot when you have to pretty much be studying these subjects everyday for the next two years.
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    Prelims hard?

    I go to a school ranked 150ish and ive realized that the prelims so far have been very hard. This is based off the 2019 past paper i did as practise from a whole range of schools. The past papers weren't that difficult compared to the exams my school gave me. I know that the pressure of the...
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    Year 11 Subject Selection

    I would also consider business studies, its a very easy subject and not that much of a load since 90% of its fairly logical. In terms of content its pretty much all memorisation and something you can definitely do over like 3 weeks. I guess the only negative is that it scales bad and is kinda...
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    Silly Mistakes in Maths

    This seems to a HUGE problem for a lot of people (at least for a lot of my friends and myself). I end up getting 80% for maths exams that i should be getting 95% plus. I have a few maths exams coming up in the first few weeks of term 3, and i really don't wanna be repeating this dumb mistake...
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    Importance of reading

    Im talking about general reading, so excluding your texts that you have to study at school. How much do you guys read? Is it important for the HSC, especially in terms of Craft of writing? I have a lot of friends who are doing very well in english but read very little as well as people who...