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    Complete Prelim Physics Notes.

    Extremely summarised and content heavy notes. Perfect for cramming. Ranked 1st in class.
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    Prelim Chem Notes MOD 1-4

    Modules 1-4 of Year 11 Chemistry Syllabus summarised into concise and heavily informative points. Perfect for cramming. Ranked 1st in Class.
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    Extracurricular, volunteering and work experience ideas?!

    In a couple of weeks I’ll be going into year 11 and i wanna make a change this year as in the past i have never participated that much in anything outside of the typical school stuff though this year I really wanna change to help out my community and work towards my goal of getting into usyd...
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    How to get vet work experience!!

    Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this i’m kinda new to BOS. I’m currently a year 11 student who due to Covid was unable to complete my year 10 work experience where my school would provide the insurance and any other paperwork necessary. I’m not sure how many places are willing to...
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    e12 application advice? help!!

    Hi! I’m looking to apply to e12 at usyd next year and this advice was extremely helpful. I would love if possible if you could email me you application. Thanks :)