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  1. adnan91

    hey i wanna buy those umat papers. fill me in with the details. ty

    hey i wanna buy those umat papers. fill me in with the details. ty
  2. adnan91

    Find all complex numbers z such that Re(z^3)<0 PLEEASSE HELP

    Full question: Find all complex numbers z such that Re(z^3)<0 and show the solutions graphically in the complex plane. It says hint: this problem is best handled in polar coordinations. Ive made little progress in it and i have no idea what to do. HELP ME!! thanks in advnce
  3. adnan91

    Semester 1 Timetables

    Which one do u think is better?
  4. adnan91

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2009)

    same but no greek
  5. adnan91

    Lie to Me

    heaaps good, like shows that have some intelligence and quirkyness to them. Lie to me, house>Ncis
  6. adnan91

    Summer '08-09 Chatter Thread

    sushi place in the far corner mmm
  7. adnan91

    Summer '08-09 Chatter Thread

    eaten those waay to many times
  8. adnan91

    Advanced Mathematics !

    Unit of Study: MATH1903 - Integral Calculus and Modelling Advanced MATH1903 is designed to provide a thorough preparation for further study in mathematics and statistics. It is a core unit of study providing three of the twelve credit points required by the Faculty of Science as well as a...
  9. adnan91

    Advanced Mathematics !

    Im starting the same degree. Im doing 1901, 1902, 1903 but regular statistics 1005 cuz its gay
  10. adnan91

    USYD enrolment variations Q

  11. adnan91

    USYD enrolment variations Q

    K enrolment variations is up and running, so ive changed a few things. Ive changed from differential calculus math1001 to differential calculus math1901. It says under math1001 WITHDRAWN and under math1901 ENROLLED, is this right? does it mean that my timetable/course will have math1901 instead...
  12. adnan91

    how many clubs have you joined?

    man thats wat i was wondering too but i had a look at the site and all the soccer trials have finished :mad:.
  13. adnan91

    how many clubs have you joined?

    yup, get it online save alot of time come oweek
  14. adnan91


    id have to agree. but the best uni wud be uni of new england, very competitive to get into. great campus
  15. adnan91

    Why are there so many ugly building around Macq?

    lol? the uts tower is like a tower of poo
  16. adnan91

    Hsc Marathon 2009 - Chemistry

    nah dawg glucose is a monomer
  17. adnan91

    Natural indicator assessment

    man 09ers r so lazy
  18. adnan91

    Choosing Tutorials/Lectures

    y do they have to release them eggzactly on the start of oweek. btw is asking what the probability of getting early starts pointless? Im doing eng/comm if it makes any difference
  19. adnan91

    Choosing Tutorials/Lectures

    so say i dont like early starts and i wanna change it. how do i do it? from myuni?