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  1. britaker

    ATAR 99.35 - English Advanced 96/100 - English Extension I 49/50 - NOTES FOR SALE

    Hello again BoS, I completed my Higher School Certificate in 2014, achieving the following results; English Advanced: 96/100 English Extension I: 49/50 English Extension II: 46/50 Mathematics: 95/100 Mathematics Extension I: 43/50 Chemistry: 92/100 Biology: 93/100 I received an ATAR of 99.35...
  2. britaker

    ANU Roll Call 2015

    Going to join the bandwagon here :) Doing a double degree in law (hons) with information technology.
  3. britaker


    I wouldn't repeat personally.
  4. britaker

    Dropping Ancient history

    I would keep the subject tbh, the amount of stress being on 10-11 units and fear of bombing an exam is not worth it...
  5. britaker

    Social networking for HSC period

    tbh I spent so long each night doing maths homework I only had a spare 30-45 minutes, which I'd waste talking to my sister :haha:
  6. britaker

    Just needing an opinion

    I would choose combined commerce if I were you, sounds like your heart isn't in law :)
  7. britaker

    just a few questions

    1. Of course, you've only had one assessment task so far 2. Again, yes 3. I try and translate the information I read into notes I understand - which means making notes takes a long time, however I've noticed it improves my recall and understanding significantly. So I'd go with the former. 4...
  8. britaker

    how to dump someone??

    I've heard of this BoS'er called 'YunLi' who may be able to give you some helpful advice ;)
  9. britaker

    The Other Side of the 12 or More Units Debate

    I'd say the biggest surprise for me (and for a few other people, it seems) was EE2. The best you can do is hope for markers that like your MW I suppose.
  10. britaker

    What was your childhood dream job, and what is it now?

    Then: I wanted to be an ornithologist or a wildlife photographer. And then for a time I also wanted to be a pathologist/anesthesiologist/plastic surgeon. Now: I'd like to be some kind of lawyer.
  11. britaker

    Going into Yr 11 Chemistry? Help!

    lol we spent like weeks learning our polyatomic ions in year 10 :haha:
  12. britaker


    Hear hear! :D
  13. britaker

    Is Coaching for HSC Really Necessary?

    I only got tutoring for 3U maths, which was my worst subject that also ended up not counting. imo it wasn't worth it, though to be fair I always disliked maths and was less likely to try hard than subjects I liked and did better at.
  14. britaker

    The Other Side of the 12 or More Units Debate

    I have to agree, I dropped to 11 because I thought being on 12/13 would drag down my ATAR. My friend doing 13 units ended up with 99.85, which was in the end significantly higher than my ATAR. I think this may have had something to do with the fact I tended to waste the huge amounts of spare...
  15. britaker


    I'm probably going to be doing either I.T./Law or Economics law should I decide to go to ANU :) About 85% sure I'll end up there next year!
  16. britaker

    Atar estimate

    can confirm I did the same thing and got estimates 2-3 ATAR points below the actual :D
  17. britaker

    Was this a bad idea?

    Nah, I think you made the right choice personally :)
  18. britaker

    Frank hurley!!!

    Just find a few techniques here and there and be all "this stark contrast/poignant symbol/etc. is reflective of the discovery of blah blah blah", seemed to work for me :D
  19. britaker

    Should I drop Physics, i.e. to 10 units?

    I would keep physics until you've sat a 4U exam tbh