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    Email address to give HSC feedback directly to NESA.

    You can email hscfeedback@nesa.nsw.edu.au to give feedback directly to NESA about the HSC exams if you wish.
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    ACARA Mathematics Open Letter

    There is a new ACARA Mathematics Open Letter referred to in 2 articles in today's SMH and Australian newspapers. This is in regards to ACARA's new draft curriculum which is up for consultation at the moment. Here is the list of signatories, which is growing rapidly...
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    Corrections to Normal Distribution calculations in Textbooks

    Here are the corrections to New Senior Mathematics Advanced Additional Sections 20.4 and 20.5 http://www.angelfire.com/ab7/fourunit/NSM-corrections-20.4-20.5.pdf
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    What HSC markers had to say about last year's exam

    Usually an event is held on the last Saturday of February (or thereabouts subject to venue availability) at Macquarie University for HSC markers to give feedback to teachers from the previous year's HSC exams. It is usually face-to-face and teachers are told in no uncertain terms not to take...
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    Resources for Standard 1

    It seems most of the maths courses now have mostly sufficient resources. Trials for Standard 2 (just as it was for General Maths) seem to still be hard to get (compared to 2u, ext. 1, ext. 2). But a scarcity of resources is even worse for Standard 1. So far we only have 2 hsc exams and books...
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    itute solutions to the 2020 Extension 1 HSC exam

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    Terry Lee solutions to 2020 Ext1 HSC paper

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    Can you see what is wrong with this question?

    There is something wrong with this example from New Senior Mathematics Advanced on pages 561-562. Can you see what it is? (Hint 1: there is nothing wrong with the calculation.) \text{Example 2} \text{A particular continuous random variable has the following probability density function:}...
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    New advice from Bill Pender if you use Cambridge

    See thread https://community.boredofstudies.org/threads/new-advice-from-bill-pender-if-you-use-cambridge.390412/ to download the file. It is applicable to Ext. 1 too but more appropriate in that thread.
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    New advice from Bill Pender if you use Cambridge

    New advice from Bill Pender attached
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    A 2020 View of Fermat's Last Theorem

    As we approach the first anniversary of Jean-Pierre Wintenberger’s death on 23 Jan 2019, Ken Ribet is giving a lecture at the JMM 2020 on 16 Jan 2020 about the possibility of simplifying the proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. This is 25 years after it was proved as a corollary of the proof of the...
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    Cambridge Extension 2 solutions available

    As of last Friday Cambridge University Press have been releasing solutions to their new Extension 2 book. But they are coming out in bits and pieces. So far they have the enrichment questions for chapters 1-3. They also say on their website “Solutions for selected foundation and development...
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    Projectile motion with resistance proportional to the square of the velocity

    The syllabus is unclear as to whether this is required. Even some textbook authors have contacted NESA to gain clarity on this issue to no avail. Some texts include it. Some don't. In particular, Cambridge and Terry Lee don't. New Senior Maths and Maths in Focus do. You may be wasting your...
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    Motorized Intertwined Möbius Gears

    Normally you need an even number of gears in a loop for them to work - unless it is in a Möbius band shape. Someone made a 3D printed Möbius band shaped loop of 15 gears - that actually works! Here is a video of an odd number of gears working in an intertwined Möbius band:
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    NESA Casio calculator ban debacle

    NESA recently announced that the Casio FX 100 AU and 100 AU PLUS will be banned for the new syllabus: "The Casio fx-100AU and Casio fx-100AU PLUS models will not be approved for use in NSW HSC examinations after 2019." from...
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    Terry Lee's solutions

    The hsccoaching.com was shut down. But there is a new website now called http://extension2.com ( a mirror of which is also at http://advancedmathematics.com.au ) There you can get the 2018 HSC solutions for Extension 1 at http://extension2.com/Resources/2018 Ext1.pdf (or alternative link...
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    Terry Lee's solutions

    When the hsccoaching.com website was shut down it was thought incorrectly by many that Terry Lee has stopped doing solutions. In fact what happened was that he retired and started a new website http://extension2.com ( a mirror of which is at http://advancedmathematics.com.au ) . So there are...
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    Putnam 2018

    Try it: https://kskedlaya.org/putnam-archive/2018.pdf
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    itute solutions

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    itute solutions