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  1. Glorious

    Journalism/Law at UTS

    Hey guys. I'm currently undertaking a Bachelor of criminology and criminal justice at UNSW, but from the very start i've been stuck between the choices of journalism or criminology. Now that I look at it, I think i may be more interested in journalism, and since i've always wanted to do law, i...
  2. Glorious

    Getting to uni (UNSW)

    Hmm, thanks guys. At least i've been reassured that public transport is better, cause that was obviously my original plan in getting to uni... nonetheless, i'll still give it a try and see how it's like driving there. :)
  3. Glorious

    Getting to uni (UNSW)

    So, I'm baffled by the whole 'how to get to uni' thought. I'll be a stuent at UNSW in just a bit more than a week for 4 days a week, and recently, my dad decides to throw the option of me having to drive there. I live in the western area of Sydney, and usually by train it'll take me 40 mins (via...
  4. Glorious

    Not too bad thanks, just waiting for uni to start! I got into Criminology at UNSW, want to...

    Not too bad thanks, just waiting for uni to start! I got into Criminology at UNSW, want to transfer to law hopefully next year. Btw, what was your ATAR? i dont think I asked you? Mine ended up being 92.45 lol. 96 was the desired one, oh well! :) What'd you get into?
  5. Glorious

    Hello, hello! long time :)

    Hello, hello! long time :)
  6. Glorious

    Share your 2011 ATAR here

    Exact same ATAR.
  7. Glorious

    you are?

    you are?
  8. Glorious

    Lose marks if?

    Well, if part of your answer actually answers the question fully, then I don't see why you'd lose marks. If there's something incorrect along with this, I still don't think you should lose marks. You'll be fine hopefully =)
  9. Glorious

    It's the end...the dawn is upon us

    It's pretty upsetting. I remember yesterday after my last exam, my heart was just beating too fast. I was all over the place, not knowing what to do or where to go, until I found my mum beeping at me just outside. Even she got emotional - her eyes getting teary. I don't know, but if you've...
  10. Glorious

    2011 - HSC difficulty.

    English - Bit harder 2 unit - somewhat the same bio - harder in a weird way. legal - syllabus changed, but i'd say sort of more challenging modern - easier
  11. Glorious

    Rewards from parents

    Well, expecting a car soon since I've gone well. We'll see. Basically, I dont want anything even though my parents are willing to give me anything I want. I just want them to be happy.
  12. Glorious

    General Thoughts: Legal Studies

    Guys, with the crime question - BOS did a smart move. It also wanted to sift out those who prepeared essays for syllabus dot points - they were testing if you could put down the relevant stuff you've learnt - not just regurgitate everything about one area of CJS. I reckon it was a good exam...
  13. Glorious

    Marking process for short essay?!?!?

    Panic sentences? Simply, they give you marks if you're arguing something - if you've put points down and you're assessing/answering the question the way it requires you to. If you're not making any links back to the question with no relevant facts/examples, then I don't think you'd get the marks....
  14. Glorious

    Best & Worst HSC Exam.

    Best: Modern History, English Paper 2, [legal should go here hopefully] OK: Biology, maths Worst: English Paper 1
  15. Glorious

    Media in Legal Studies

    I usually have one media article in my essays and a few other cases with legislation. Depends on the question and if there are relevant articles to support it, otherwise just go in with a few cases + legislation.
  16. Glorious

    Plans for post HSC?

    Naw you'll get them one day - no biggie :D
  17. Glorious

    Plans for post HSC?

    Get my greens, but thats not until the beginning of next year. Hmm, and just whatever comes up really.
  18. Glorious

    11 units scaling confusion.

    Aligning is different to scaling, my friend. Aligning = BOS. Scaling = UAC.
  19. Glorious


    Finish on thursday... hurry up THURSDAY !