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  1. miche11e

    driving test hints?

    Hey, im doing my driving test in chatswood and i was wondering if anyone has any hints that will help. I'm not very familiar with the area, but i know that all the streets are tiny and there are all these one lane slow points and one lane speed humps and all of my friends told me its a hard area...
  2. miche11e

    well that was a bit evil

    that was a bit evil... i walked out after an hour and a half (cos i have software next) it wast too hard if you could BS, but it was still a bit evil... i hopefully passed. what did you guys think?
  3. miche11e

    Here is the Extension 1 paper:

    Click the link below for the paper sorry for my pencil markings - i wasn't bothered rubbing them out
  4. miche11e

    Anyone got answers to past papers?

    Answers to past papers! Hey SDD people! We dont hae a past papers thread yet (trust me - ive looked) All answers posted here!! (2001 - 2007) (thanks to Rampager) 2001: 2002...
  5. miche11e

    Are you only doing physics to get into engineering?

    Hey guys, just wondering what your reasons for doing physics are... the only reason im doing it is because i need it for uni - otherwise i dont like it enough just to pick it up as another subject. just curious...
  6. miche11e

    Who here goes to a selective school?

    I was just wondering what percentage of people here go to selective schools? cos yall make me feel dumb. jks :D:uhoh:
  7. miche11e

    "the medium is the message"??? CSSA trials

    that was such an anoying question!! half the people came out like "what is a medium"? it didnt really fit my essay, but i made it work. lucky there was only 1 related text needed or i wouldnt have finished... as it was i didnt write my conclusion...