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    Roll Call - EX2 2015!

    It's alright. I'm in the same boat, but a bit worse. I'm also doing performance poetry- the first on this thread!
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    Link to Adv Eng and Ext 1

    I think you just have to draw links between what you learnt and how it affected your writing, or search for how you were influenced by your recent studies. For example, I can see in my own Major work how the study of the "Fallen Woman" in Prelim Extension resulted in an exploration of the...
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    Some questions about the journal

    In answer to question 2: Basically, put everything in- brainstorms about characters, articles you've annotated, snatches of writing, good quotes, what you accomplished for EE2 that day, explanations of ideas, what you like and don't like about your ideas...anything. Focus on the 3 aspects...
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    Albury's only abortion clinic: protests 'push women to point of self-harm'

    I have witnessed these 'protests' in Albury, and have actually participated in them. The 'anti-abortionists' are really peaceful and non-harrassing. They just stand there with banners and pray together quietly. Think about it; the protestors, if they manage to convince anyone to change their...
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    How are you feeling today?

    Today I feel exhilarated! Isn't that a nice word and such a good one for the feeling?! I am on holidays and at the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Well, it's better than what I got in Prelims (mostly just over 50%) So, thank you!
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    98% for visual representation on 'Life of Pi' in Advanced English! I'm feeling pretty chuffed. Not feeling so great about Maths Extension, though. I got 80%, the only other person got 100%.
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Hurray! Another EE2 person! I love extension 2, just putting that out there. What are you going to do for your major work?
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    Am I alone in hating airplane food?

    Flying around Europe? My advice; don't touch anything Lufthansa serves up. They put uncooked sausages on everything, even on top of spaghetti bolognaise! The salad consists of green slime originally obtained from lettuce, mingled with sausage mince. Don't do it too yourself. Qantas, I found...
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    What's your favourite sport?

    Yeah, but if a sport is a game entirely dependent on physical strength perhaps combined with some strategy and skill, then a game which is 'entirely dependent upon skill' shouldn't really count. Seeing as chess actually 'fact'ually contributes to weight loss, perhaps I should try it a bit more...
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    What's your favourite sport?

    Random question; why is chess counted as a sport? Has anyone ever come home hot and sweaty, saying something like "Oh, so tired! Just had a big chess workout! Gotta go get some more protein shakes, man." (To be read in a deep, sweat-moustache-blowing voice) It's ridiculous!
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    What's your favourite sport?

    Sprinting, swimming, netball, basketball, soccer, AFL.....................the list goes on and stops abruptly before chess.
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    HSC 2015 Chemistry Q&A Thread

    Thank you very much!
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    HSC 2015 Chemistry Q&A Thread

    Would someone please explain molar heat of combustion? (I'm so confused about it I'm not even sure if it's called that!) Some worked examples would be great as well.
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    choosing related texts

    I think it's just frowned upon, because the point of related texts is that you have to think for yourself and apply your knowledge to other texts, in your own way.
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    Performance Poetry (the major nobody picks)

    I know that there's a 4 year gap, but I am really looking forward to doing performance poetry. My piece (at the moment) will be discussing memory, reality and imagination as well as their value for the individual. It sounds boring, but I'm so excited.
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    Blit's guide to choosing related text for Discovery :)

    It certainly is- we are studying it at the moment.
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    What have you eaten today?

    I know. Concentration was <0. But that's what comes from being disorganised and waking up too late to make lunch.
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    What have you eaten today?

    Breakfast- skip Lunch- skip Dinner- Spaghetti bolognaise