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  1. expensive_taste

    Parent problems

    hi all, im currently having trouble with my parents. they dont usually fight or argue they get along really well, but lately it hasnt been the same, currently my mum is overseas visiting my grandma who is sick, and dad is at home. dad has been ignoring - i can tell that he is mad at her...
  2. expensive_taste

    Silent hill

    has anyone seen this movie? i was thinking of going to see it but ive heard that it wasnt that good. comments?
  3. expensive_taste

    'Not Enabled'

    Im doin my tute registration, and im missing one class. My Nt7 tute is ALL full except for one, that i cant attend because i have a lecture on at that time. There is one more tutorial left, but it says not enabled.. how long would i have to wait for it to be enabled and who can i call to ask...
  4. expensive_taste

    dvd's onto video ipod

    does anyone know how to transfer ripped dvd's onto the video ipod? i've read that you have to get a program to get the dvd's ripped & a program to turn the file into mp4, but im not completely sure on how to do it and what programs to look for. can anyone refer me to any free programs...
  5. expensive_taste

    need to find..

    i need to find a particular betty boop bag, its a handbag and printed on the front is 'Luv A Nurse' with betty dressed in a nurses outfit. does anyone know where i can find it... around sydney?? it would make a great present for a friend thanks
  6. expensive_taste

    the free daily telegraph

    just wondering if anyone knew what the deal was about the free daily telegraph that has been around campus lately. something about signing up & the paper gets home delivered and its free... is it really free? thanxx
  7. expensive_taste


    does anyone know how long it takes for the railway concession sticker to arrive after filling out the form? i still have to fill out the form, i just hand it in to UWS admin right? thanks
  8. expensive_taste


    haii all .. i was just wondering.. if UWS offered ANTHROPOLOGY? like as a course... my sister in law wanted to do it... and yer. ive looked it up at the uws website.. theres no course called anthropology, but is there a way she could work up to anthropology? or something? thanxxxxxx
  9. expensive_taste

    UWS Open day?

    haii all, i wanted to know when the Uni open days are? like those days where all the tents are up and they all have the info on all the courses and lots of free pens :p etc... i remember going to one like in yr 11, it was cool. i wanted to know cos a friend was asking.. and also... can anyone...
  10. expensive_taste

    exam results...???

    haii all... just wondering, how long until we get our results back from the exams??? thannxxxx :)
  11. expensive_taste

    i wanted to know...

    Does the uni keep copies of past papers??? im desperate to pass... hehe thanxxxx :)
  12. expensive_taste


    just making sure....the annotated bibliography is the one where we list down the books and write how relevant they are to the topic ?? thannxxxx
  13. expensive_taste

    does anyone know....

    Hey all... just wanted to know if anyone has seen this Roxy Charm Bracelet around?? I cant find it anywhere...! :( thanxxxx :)
  14. expensive_taste

    i wanted to know....

    for the one week uni 'holiday' ... is the uni library still open??? i jus need to know cos i need to do some research on my assessments.... thanxxxxx :)
  15. expensive_taste

    need help....

    im just doing my Nursing care plan assessment.. a bit of the information i found was from Britannica online.. which i found through the library website... i need to reference it in my essay.. but in the style manual it doesnt seem to tell me how to... can anyone help?!!?!?!? thanxxxx
  16. expensive_taste

    Nursing students...

    Hey... i was just wondering... where the crap do we get a copy of the ANCI competencies??!! i've looked on WEBCT... i know ive seen it before on there.. but it dissapeared... cant find it.... thanx!!!
  17. expensive_taste

    i need to know...

    Hey all.. i was just wondering... for essays, or basically anything, when you are doing word count, do you count the bits you para-phrased?? cos i know you dont add your quotes, but how about the bits that are para-phrased???? :confused: thanx...!
  18. expensive_taste


    hey any1 heard about the Bus strike 2morrow??? the 24 hour one?? does any1 know if Sydney buses is a government bus or a private one?? cos the strike is only on private buses.... pwb asap!! thanx
  19. expensive_taste

    about the bookshop!

    hey does ne1 know.. at the co-op bookshop... do they accept cheques???? thanx... !
  20. expensive_taste

    does any1 know...

    how to set up a timetable??? :( its confusing