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    speech pathology ACU or Macquarie??

    Thinking about going to ACU or Macquarie for speech path. Which one is better? Does anyone have any advice or experiences they could share?? Personally, the only reason don't want to go to ACU is because the uni seems small, not very diverse and i've heard social life is not it. Although, the...
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    speech pathology at macquarie?

    Is anyone currently doing either bachelor of speech and hearing or Master of Speech? Possible thinking of coming next year to study speech? Could anyone share their experiences or have any advice?
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    social life at acu??

    thinking about going to ACU next year. What's the social aspect of the uni like? I've heard it isn't very diverse and is predominantly white people? edit: *North syd campus*
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    too late for a good atar? pls help (desperate)

    Hi, I have just started my 3rd term of year 12 and I am currently freaking out - so any help would be much appreciated. I have not been doing well so far and was wondering if there is any hope for me. I managed to procrastinated big time for the past 2 terms so have a bunch I need to catch up...