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  1. Enoch

    Benchmarks x1800 vs 7800gtx

    3dmarks (default no AA or AF) x1800 = 8941 3dmarks 7800GTX = 8280 3d marks Half Life 2 (1280x1024 , 4x AA 8 xAF) x1800 = 93.6 fps 7800GTX = 90.0 fps Far Cry (1280x1024,4xAA 8xAF) x1800 = 66 fps 7800GTX = 57.5 fps Doom 3...
  2. Enoch

    WindowsVista+directX10 leaving ur comp in the dust

    ive just heard about directx10 and how great it is... but ive also heard that "vista and directx10 arent designed with current graphics harware in mind" and according to MS, well need next-gen cards how gay is that? just thinking about buying a new i either have to wait for...
  3. Enoch

    getting into retail stores

    umm just wondering...all retail stroes(ie. myer) need u to have previous retail are u then supposed to get that retail experience if all retail stores need previous retail experience? cos i wanna apply for some work..but for work expereince i was working at a computer place...
  4. Enoch

    entire syllabus tested in how many yrs??

    ddoes any1 know in how manys all the syllabus dot pts are supposed to be tested within the qsns?? this is the 5th yr btw.
  5. Enoch

    Paper cuts

    hahah the writing booklets r so a paper cut on my pinky during else have had a paper cut?
  6. Enoch

    Paper 2 Was Leaked Out On Monday!!

    apparently a skool "Bishop Druitt" in coffs harbour accidentally handed out paper 2 instead of paper 1...but they took em bak wen they realised they had given out the wrong paper....the students wouldve looked if they saw PAPER 2 written on the front....but apparently BOS says theres no...
  7. Enoch

    Digital foto-camera transfering

    ive got a digital image i wanna get printed like at a fotoplace or chemist or woteva. is it possible to stick the image into my digital camera(memory stick)? ive tried to drag and drop but doesnt work???ne of u guys could help me?oh btw my cams a sony t3 dunnoe if that helps.cheers
  8. Enoch

    Whats that song called

    hi guys rekon u could tell me the name of the song that goes 'trying to get your heart' cant find it newhere...cheers
  9. Enoch

    music from the baileys ad

    hi guys i was jus wondering if ne knew wot the name of the song from the baileys ad is (the one where every1 is floating around with droplets of baileys) ???thnx
  10. Enoch

    ne1 noe the song to my restaurant rules??

    ne1 noe the name of the theme song to my restaurant rules??
  11. Enoch

    CSI : New York

    hey u guys watched tonites episode (pilot)??? it wasnt that good i rekon but it was ok i guess....btw how bout the young chik?? she looks hot in some shots and looks off in others... the CSI New York has like a totally new 'feel' to it as well...i kinda like it and the songs a bit more upbeat...
  12. Enoch

    qsn on wot matt damon says in oceans 12

    In oceans 12 does ne1 noe wot matt damon says during the negotiation w/ george clooney,brad pitt and the other guy thnx.
  13. Enoch

    schoolies accomodation-no.s of bedrooms/people

    i was jus wondering - this is probably to past schoolies ppl- how should i book the schoolies accomodation. cos the bedrooms/ people ratios are kinda wierd . they wont allow you to have like a person per bedroom. its like 3 ppl - 2 bedrooms, 4 ppl - 3bedrooms, etc. so one guy will be byhimself...
  14. Enoch

    i was wondering if anyone had any notes on Biopol/PHA..

    i was wondering if anyone had any notes and info on biopol for my chem assessment, it would be a great help ..thanks
  15. Enoch

    i wondering if anyone had notes on casestudy:indonesia

    i have to do a case study on indonesia , was wondering if anyone had any notes or essayys or whateverelse on the lost and so i really need it ... thanks
  16. Enoch

    DO u rekon the prelim course was relevent for hsc?

    far out some subjex im screwed lol. cos i thiught prelim was gonna be way dif then hsc. i was half rite. eng,mathsext2, engext1 and phys are differnt. but maths ext1,chem,and eco required some preknowledge. ie some formulaes for maths, oxidations states for chem, and some terms for eco. man...