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    when does uni start?

    hey all, my friend is overseas and she wanted me to find out when uni starts...anyone know the exact date when uts starts (facuklty of science). Also, when is the final date to add and drop subjects thanks heaps
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    When is macq uni open day?

    Hey when is open day and what time? Actually, if someone can state the open days and times for UTS and UWS awell that would be great. Cheers
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    Clerical recheck of exams-how does it work

    hey ppl, I wanna get my english exams re checked coz i have a feeling they might have added it up wrong or something. I was just wondering, if I get it rechecked and lets say that they do find that it's been added up wrong, then will they change my whole hsc mark and then also my
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    whats the difference between ka and ba?

    i never seem to understand this......what exactly is the diff between the ka and the ba thanks
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    Development of the pharaonoic state - OKE historical period

    Hey, Im trying to write notes for OKE historical period unification to end of dynasty 6.....I came across a point called ''development of the pharaonic state''. I have no idea what to write for it, i borrowed a book from macq uni but theres nothing on it in there unless its the same thing as...
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    Am I the only person who thinks question D (crime) was also completely unfair

    all i hear is ppl complaining about question C in crime i thought question D was also totally unfair and not in the syllabus Just because with q D it wasn't as obvious that it had nothing to do with the syllabus doesnt mean that it was from the syllabus the only bit that it could be even...
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    Subjects you regret NOT doing

    So what subjects do u now wish u'd taken up.........i wish i did SOR2, modern history and maybe even CAFS hmmm i love making threads opposite to those already in existence *insert evil laugh*
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    The ''OMG I can't wait to post in the OMG I've finished the HSC thread''

    For those of us who feel left out :( I for one can't waittttt to finish mmm counting down the days
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    help, this is like URGENT - related text needed

    hello, im trying to write a frontline essay and i know this is the last minute and i know i shold have done it earlier but i didnt. well actually i did. see the thing is i need a related text for frontline. ive already got a poem and my other related text was going to be the cartoon lies by...
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    how do u avoid writing too much for s1 1/2/3 mark q's

    My main problem with section 1 is that i write wayyy too much for 1 markers and 2 markers and 3markers. I dunno how not to coz i think everyhting is relevant......then when it gets to the 6marker my 40mins for that section is already up. Does anyone have any suggestions about how i can avoid...
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    Can they specify skr poems

    hey can they specify certain skryznecki poems to use in the exam? thanks
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    Historical period textbook

    What textbook does everyone use for historical periods? If there is one that is particularly good for old kingdom egypt (unification to end of dynasty 6), that would be good ta
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    Pedanticism about LCMD

    Are examiners pedantic about noting the exact LCMD eg: do i have to say 'Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) or can I just say Family Law Act? I guess what Im trying to ask is, do I have to remember all the dates and stuff of all the legislation/cases? Thanks
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    No course code??

    Hey, I wanna put down B Social science/ B Laws at UNSW as one of my preferences. Problem is, there is no course code next to the course - does that mean the course isn't available or something or otherwise, where can I get the course code from? Btw, Ive noticed alot of the courses at alot of the...
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    does anyone know where i can find out about the law subjects and options that are studied at macquarie (ie.torts, constitutional etc)? I looked on the macq law website but and couldn't find it. Maybe someone could direct me where to click? Otherwise, if anyone...
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    Old Kingdom viziers - evidence

    Hey ppl, Im trying to do last years hsc question for old kingdom dynasty 3-6 society (short answer) and when i tried answering part c I realised that I didn't really have any evidence to back up my response. The question is ''Outline the roles of a vizier in Old Kingdom society'' It's...
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    I need an anc history tutor

    Hey, does anyone here do ancient history tutoring around the hornsby area? Btw, i'll pay $20 p/h max coz im broke.....i dont need tutoring on the content, just on how to perfect my essays and structured responses. Pm me if you can help me out. Thanks!!!
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    Assessment marks - next week - q's

    is it true that our internal assessment marks have to be in to the bos by next week? if so, does anyone know what day exactly? coz half my teachers havent even marked our exams yet so i dunno how their gonna get it done by next week. and another thing> my pdhpe teacher told me that the...
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    VO2 max and endurance

    Hey, i was just wondering if i could get a little help on VO2 max. I have an exam and this concept will be worth 12 marks. The teacher didnt give us the exact q, but its got sumthing to do with measuring endurance by VO2max testing. Anyway, im trying to write a practice essay atm but im having...
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    Options - 'Equity and health' or 'Sport and physical activity in Australia'

    Hey all, I have to choose between these two topics. I gotta learn one of them within a few days by myself (the other options are ruled out). So i was just wondering if u guys could state ur opinions about which i should do and why. Eg: advantages & disadv of each, which is easier - that kind of...