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  1. Managore

    Question 13: Religious Rites

    Is anyone else in the same bucket as me, who barely studied a 2nd catagory, and thus since had only studied in depth rite of passage, is not fucked beyond any reasonable words? There goes literally 20 marks, so even if I get FULL marks in the rest, all I can get is 30/50....
  2. Managore

    Equation for dividing a point AB internally/externaly

    Quick.. what's the equations for a point that divides AB internally or externally in the ratio p:q
  3. Managore

    General Parametric Equations

    Okay I hate this chapter, to me it makes no sense whatsoever. I can create the cartesian equation from two x= and y= equations of course, but I can not understand the tangents to points P, Q, and anything like that. Could someone give me some general tips or a brief explanation?
  4. Managore

    2002 q4 (a) (i) and (ii)

    Could someone post up the answers quickly for this, if they have them? :) Thanks
  5. Managore

    polynomials quick question

    Suppose x^3– 2x^2 + a ≡ (x + 2)Q(x) + 3 where Q(x) is a polynomial. Find the value of a. I REALLY should know this, but I have no idea. Can someone explain how to derive an answer?
  6. Managore

    Hardest 3 unit topic?

    For me it's SHM and Projectiles.. I hate that stuff
  7. Managore

    Question 8 b (iv)

    How did Everyone get 18 for this section? I ended up with 11.. could someone please explain their working?
  8. Managore

    Hardest Question?

    was it 7? 8? maybe 9? or could it be 10? State reasons. I say it was by far 9. I lose at least a mark in each part (a, b and c), and 8 and 10 were fairly easy, even though I had locus and geometry.
  9. Managore

    Simple Probability Question

    I have 5 coins, all identical. Find the total number of combinations I can put these into 8 buckets. I can put anywhere between 0 and 8 coins in any particular bucket. eg: (2) (0) (0) (1) (1) (0) (1) (0)
  10. Managore

    indicators range/color

    bromo blue, methyl orange, phynophalin (cant spell) What are the range/color changes of these? Do we need to remember this?
  11. Managore

    Listing the BIG questions

    Could everyone list the possibilities for the 5+ mark questions? the big ones that I know I won't remember much on and thus fail the course :(... ~Medical and Industrial Uses of Radioactives ~History to haber process to make ammonia ~History of definitions of Acids and Bases ~What else? I...
  12. Managore

    naming esters/structure of esters

    okay, how to name esters? is ethyl butanoate ethanoic acid and butanol? or other way round? Does the acid or the alcahol come first? I cant find the information in my text book.. Also, could someone quickly recap the structure in terms of (alcahol)(what comes here)(acid)
  13. Managore

    Does ANYONE do Briar Rose?

    All through these forums I've heard the title Briar Rose about once, maybe twice, and most probably said by me. Am I the only person here that's studied this text for Close study of Text (Prose Fiction)??
  14. Managore

    Film Techniques Used In Billy Elliot

    What Film Techniques Are Used In Billy Elliot?? Can anyone list them, briefly? Thankyou so much if you answer this post, I'm so stressed..
  15. Managore

    Themes in Briar Rose

    what are some themes in Briar Rose, such as human resillience?
  16. Managore

    Briar Rose

    How would you structure this essay, for a generic question? I'm not too confident in my essay layout. Be detailed as possible please :) I need to know this..
  17. Managore

    Is a console game a text type?

    Is a RPG (role playing game, ff7 specifically) a usable text type. The game shows the choices and results of different decisions of the characters whilst on their somewhat cliche journey to save the world. Should I use this text, if it's a text at all?