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  1. Tiffanys

    ANU undergrad mid-year enrolment

    Does anyone know what the quota is like for Arts Law mid year enrolment at ANU and when the enrolment dates usually are? My UAI was 96.50/ATAR 96.75. Should that be enough to make it in mid-year?
  2. Tiffanys

    Emma and Clueless

    Lol. K got deleted. Any ideas on how Emma's meaning has been reshaped through Clueless as an appropriation?
  3. Tiffanys

    Med at ANU

    What's it like? How hard to get in? ed: i.e. what are the uais like, what kinda umat scores they take?
  4. Tiffanys

    career inc travel, health-service oriented, med?

    Hey so like I'm sort of in a pickle at the moment deciding on a goal to work towards for my HSC. I need one, trust me, I haven't done ANY work this term. I wanted to do Med but I don't want to spend more than 10 years of my life in Australia, not able to travel and just stuck here. Is it...
  5. Tiffanys

    Dentistry/Oral Health in Australia

    Hello everybody, where can i do B Dentistry in Australia, preferably in NSW, then QLD, then on? Also, wtf is the difference between B Oral Health and Dentistry? B Oral Health is for the less academically celebrated. ie lower uai? is entry into B dentistry virtually the same as for...
  6. Tiffanys

    Help me with The Lovely Bones - Alice Sebold?

    It's a book. Anyone else doing it for imaginative journeys AOS?
  7. Tiffanys

    Voulez-vous parler avec moi, ce soir?

    Ou justement pendant la journee. Il faut que je parle le francais plus!
  8. Tiffanys

    IAAF World Athletic Championships 07'

    Oh my how exciting! Tirunesh Dibaba is the most awesome 10ker ever. If you love the excitement of this year's world chamionships in Osaka and feel the need to type something about it, post here.
  9. Tiffanys

    Parent Teacher Night

    What to do when your mum is about to shank you for skipping classes all the time?
  10. Tiffanys

    Alliance Française

    Post here if you do Alliance Française I really know nothing about it but it sounds like a great way to improve my French.
  11. Tiffanys

    "It's too cold/rainy/hot to run"

    Anyone here procrastinate as much as I do? I'm supposed to be training (at least maintaining my fucking fitness) for c2s but for some reason I've lost motivation and only find it in myself to run once every couple of days when I cannot bear the lack of endorphins anymore. Last winter I was...
  12. Tiffanys

    City 2 Surf time again...

    Anyone running?
  13. Tiffanys

    Why isnt the MacQ website working?

    tres annoying. does anyone know what time the macrunners meet today?
  14. Tiffanys

    Access Points/Mishaps or committments

    Is it true that you get up to 5 uai points for representing your sport on a state level and up to 10 extra uai points for representing nationally?
  15. Tiffanys

    Macquarie Uni Running Club

    I only just got a membership but I havent' been yet. Does anyone know where they meet etc etc? Plus do you live near Turramurra so can you give me a lift? lol
  16. Tiffanys

    Medicine at Macquarie?

    Is Macquarie ever going to start a Medicine program? PLEAAAAASE START ONE! By 2009!
  17. Tiffanys


    Yr 12 jersey forms are due this friday. Any good ideas for nerdy puns?:santa:
  18. Tiffanys

    Tutoring - North Shore?

    hey i do prior at chatsy-lah. pretty fun but expensive. and kinda anal coz of the whole homework policy.:santa: lol. Anyone know of a good tutoring place on the north shore?