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    Repeating a subject

    What happens if you want to repeat a subject to get a better grade to increase your gpa? what does it do to your subject list and units done?
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    westmead campus

    does westmead campus have a study area or library or something? it is within walking distance of my house and i wanna know so i can go there to study instead of goin all the way to parra.. thanks!!
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    deferred exams?

    when are deferred exams held? are they usually held right after all the other exams are held? Or when? The uws site just says it will let you know 3 days before the exam.. Has anyone done them before?
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    Management Foundations Quizes

    what did you get as your average? i have completed all mine!! THANKFULLYY
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    Uws Can Suck My ***ls

    why is it uws sucks? because there is no standard they all flake about.. marking for uws is crap.. one tutor will give you a differnet mark to the other tutor and so on.. and usualy its hte class im not in lol they even use different marking guidelines ON SAME CAMPUS? one will mark to...
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    the different grades.. pass/credit/distinction/HD

    I was looking in teh stickies and these arent there.. what are the corresponding marks for pass/credit/distinction and HD? is it pass: 50-63 credit 64-75 distinction 75-84 HD 85-100 ?
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    finding statements of law..

    how do we find statements of law in cases? i've been hunting around the cases but can't seem to find them.. anyone able to shed some light/ thanks
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    Intro to business law assignment 2..

    Guys what is happening with business law assignment 2? I understand the issues however should we be looking past just hte contract chapter for answers to it? Is anyone able to shed any light on this? Today I spoke to my tutor and she brought up something I hadn't seen in the contract chapter so...
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    Intro to Business law? anyone?

    Does anyone do intro to business law? I noticed there was another thread on intro to law but i think they might be different as I didnt have a quiz.. so anyone? we have our assignment due this week and have some questions.. unfortunately our lecturer is a nazi and she wont allow any questions...
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    missing Academic advising and enrolment session

    hey ppl.. im gona miss my Academic advising and enrolment session, im already enrolled for my main classes on pweb, and i understand which courses i wanna take out of the other 2 choices, can i just go enrol at any other enrolement session? also what happens with unenrolements?
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    yayy bachelor of business and commerce -parramata

    I got accepted to this, who else is in this? cmon ppll
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    sticky suggestion..

    I noticed in ANU they had a sticky for the accomodation info... anyway i got updated info for UWS accomodation, sheets and even price rises for next year... + natstar ur livin there, its not like this isnt right up ur alley
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    1 point off!! what to do

    alright today we got our results back.. what if we are 1 point off.. and maybe the teacher/head coordinator is really nice.. is there anything we can do to get the 1 point to push us over.. (this is so that one can apply for transfer rather than just "I GOT HD") bribes, favors, sexual...
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    less trolls..

    why do we keep gettin trolls.. such as fuq and cant remember that other ones name.. that come by and start givin uws shit?
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    internal transfer.. AGAIN

    ok if i get accepted to do an internal transfer at the end of the autumn period, can i defer my studies on the new course till the start of next year?
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    Gym Membership..

    Gym membership.. how much does it cost, i heard it was 90 or 70 if ur a student.. and there was no mention of a joiining up fee... then my friend went to join and she was told she had to pay 120$, then she went back a few days later and they said 150$ wtf.. anyone able to clarify or help us...
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    Whos at bankstown?

    Hrmm.. whos at bankstown?
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    How many days do you have off or ALMOSt off?

    I am wondering what days you have off.. I have thursday off and friday ALMOST off.. i have a 1hour class :( What about you people?
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    conflicts in timetable..

    seeing uws admin decided to add me today.. there hasnt been many places left.. anyway, from what is left.. I have timetable clashes:( What do i do?? this is the problem.. one of my lectures only has 2 times (AT ALL) to choose from.. not just the ones left.. and one of them clashes with...