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  1. RecklessRick

    Some thoughts on succeeding in Modern History by a State Ranker - Opening Well

    Hey all, My name’s Pat, and in the 2015 HSC I received third in NSW in Modern History. Many of you may know me for my infrequent bursts of actual advice or, more likely, my far more common role as an agitator and cynic on bos. Now in this short guide I’m not going to try and fool you - the...
  2. RecklessRick

    Course preferences and degree combinations?

    Looks like the dream is coming true and I have good likelihood of being cool enough for sydney law. I just have a couple of quick questions regarding course numbers in UAC and how the process works. I'm hoping to do combined Economics / Laws in 2016, and as with all the other combined law...
  3. RecklessRick

    State Rank Raw Mark?

    Standard procedure: What do you reckon this year's raw mark will be? What is it usually? ex oh ex oh
  4. RecklessRick

    ATB Predictions?

    Anyone else here do ATB who would like to take a stab at what the section 1 question will be?
  5. RecklessRick

    State Rank Raw Mark?

    What do you guys reckon it'll be this year? 100+?
  6. RecklessRick

    Help with metre

    Consider the following line spoken by Ariel from Act V Scene I of The Tempest: "Mine would, sir, were I human" I seem to be having significant trouble figuring out the metre of the damn thing - I think it must be the "sir" that's throwing me off. "Mine would" seems to just be a regular old...
  7. RecklessRick

    People and Landscapes Practice Questions

    Considering board of studies has decided to conveniently change module c the year we are sitting the hsc, share your questions from paper 2 here, ours was something like "Landscapes are associated with the best or worst human experiences"
  8. RecklessRick

    Does anyone else on here do history extension?

    The forum seems pretty dead. A history extension marathon thread would be cool, but I doubt there's enough people on here who do the subject.