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    Biology Short Response Questions Part B

    I'm assuming the graphs were presented that way for that question specifically. It was used as a trick to separate the people who had studied and learnt their skills and the people who studied the syllabus.
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    How hard do you think they will mark the 7 marker on the implications of Biology?

    I asked for a booklet for planning. I took 10 minutes to plan it, let alone write it. I should get seven- I adopted points from each core topic, and discussed the impacts and stuff, it worked nicely.
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    Biology Short Response Questions Part B

    27 a was 'Identify a virus' rather than an 'infectious disease'
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    Communication Elective?

    Yeah, but it's not asking for the procedure, it's asking how it corrects it. So they want 1. Explanation of Myopia 2. Explanation of how glasses/contacts fix it, i.e. concave(?) lenses 3. Explanation of HOW the procedure has the potential to fix it, i.e. shape the lens into a concave(or whatever...
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    I almost put in C or D for this question because it said organisms, without specifying endotherms or ectotherms and stuff... But I picked B, it makes the most sense.
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    It can mean either. You didn't have to state ALL the implications. I wrote about different advancements for each core topic with positive impacts, then fused them to explain the fungi mentioned had the potential to mutate and attack human enzymes due to the close amino acid sequencing.....
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    It's prelim knowledge that life basically evolved from cyanobacteria....
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    y u no ask
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    That's actually what put me off picking C. It was the last question of the test I did actually because I had to keep on coming back to it. I didn't pick C because it had the basic definition of punctuated equilibrium, and I was sure that was a trick
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    I picked up on a trend about 2 weeks ago for this. Learnt skills and whatnot as much as I could, and went into class and stuff to get a further understanding of most of it. So glad I did. I just had a feeling the majority of the paper would focus on it.
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    Complete agreement here.
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    State Rank Cut-Off?

    Just out of curiosity, does the state rank go off of the modulated mark or raw mark? I'm assuming it's modulated (which sucks for me)
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    I had a feeling that this would be in the test. I studied the fuck out of that whole dot point, thank fuck. Was disappointed in the lack of eye, but think I did well enough to get 24-25
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    Re: 2011 HSC Biology Paper It was codominance, and hence D.
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    I talked about - enzymes and related them to optimal and denaturing features or something - radiation that lead to mutation, relating it the fungi - biochemistry knowledge, linking to the amino acids - penecillin -impact on society -fused the ideas together Overall I thought it was...
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Re: How Great Was That? Question one fucked me over bad. But man, place. PLACE. Shit fucking ruled.
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    help on belong essay please?

    Having an identity is a form of belonging. Become familiar with the rubric if you actually want high marks. Really, you shouldn't be asking which poems to use, you should be picking them yourself as english is about how you understand the text. I didn't do Skrzynecki, but it should be easy if...
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    Do you find English Hard????

    For me, the hardest part is actually giving myself the time to understand and analyse the texts properly. I used to think English was my worst subject, and I loathed every day leading up to our belonging exam, but I got 14/15 for it. Stoked. It's a huge spring of confidence. I find myself...
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    Hi! I saw that you were willing to give your english notes out. Would I possibly be able to get...

    Hi! I saw that you were willing to give your english notes out. Would I possibly be able to get resources for Module A, B and C?