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    Is it ok to do ECMT1010 and ECMT1020 at the same time?

    I didn't think of this when i chose my subjects last semester. Normally people do these 2 subjects in different semesters. So is it allowed to do these two subjects in one semester? If it is allowed, will it be very challenging to do so as they may be correlated? The trouble is that, if i...
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    Anyone knows how to make a title page?

    The title is the question. Anyone who's done one, please explain. I was asked to do this 1500 word essay and it needs to be submitted with a title page, but i dont have a clue what it is. The essay question is about a statement which we need to justify. Thanks in advance
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    Any 1st students finding university life difficult?

    University life appears to be really difficult to me. The lecturer i have teaches us a whole chapter in 2 hrs. We also have to print out and read lecture notes, tutorial questions and many more prior to lectures/ tutorials. The whole lecture thing is so dull. The lecturers generally just...
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    Have you forgotten almost everything you learnt in your hsc year?

    I saw a real estate advert on the local news paper. It says something about a 20 year mortgage and the monthly payment. just out of interest, i tried to recall the formula and stuff to reconfirm the information on the ad. i found out that i couldn't remember a thing about formula and its...
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    what exactly is conduction band?

    i under the suff about valence band and enerygy gap and how to explain its resistance. but what exactly is conduction band? and how do we relate the idea of conduction band and valence band to p type and n type semiconductor? i know that it reduce the gap between valence and conduction band...
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    Did anyone screw up the exam?

    I did quite badly, spent too much time on q5 n q6. I estimated i would get a raw mark of something like, 75/120. did anyone find it difficult?
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    root of unity question?

    i was just looking at the solution of a past paper question. if w^n=1 1+w^1+w^2+.......w^(n-1)=1 true? and why?
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    Anyone has done 2000 paper?

    2000 is ridiculously hard. i actually have difficulties doin some of the questions in q5. did anyone do q5 b? it actually involves tangential accerleration?. but everyone says non-uniform circular motion is not part of the course?
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    how many digits does a student number have?

    hi guys, on the hsc paper, there are 9 boxes, but the student number i use to log in studentonline has only 8 digits? do i put 1 infront of the number like the uac number or do i just leave one box blank?? cheers
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    which years hsc ex 2 is the hardest?

    2007 is really easy, not sure about the hardest one? also, does anyone know where i can find solution for 2001 and 2002?
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    can anyone make a rough prediction of my uai based on assessment rank.?

    maths ex1, 1/7 maths ex2, 1/4 economics, 1/14 physics, 1/18 esl, 3/14 i will be doing my trial next week, this is the rank before the trial. it might look really well. but my school isnt good at all. it ranks around 170 in the state, and i am sure the subjects i am doing is not the best...
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    complex no. questions

    (a) Let OABC be a square on an Argand diagram where O is the origin. The points A and C represent the complex numbers z and iz respectively. Find the complex number represented by B. (b) The square is now rotated about O through 45° in an anticlockwise direction to OA'B'C'. Find the complex...
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    what's the hardest topic in 4u?

    i'm just curious about this.
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    is that possible to change school at yr 12?

    for some reason my family gotta move to sydney this year, im currently doing yr 11 in wollongong? is that possible to change school after i finish off yr 11 this year? if i can, can i catch up the new schoolz course. cos the progress of thecourse might differ. thank u.