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    USYD - snobbery?

    Oh really? I learnt something from you then Dont really know much about penrith apart from the usual stereotype.
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    USYD - snobbery?

    I think you are right. Im really disgusted by the dick from penrith in my physics lab..
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    USYD - snobbery?

    I dont actually feel snobbery's all that much about someone's family wealth Believe it or not, I've met a number of massive snobs from places like penrith
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    Broadway Shopping Centre- Student Parking

    I can give you a summary of what i know about parking Free spots: If you have classes near the quad, the most economic location to park in is probably on Parramatta rd between 10am and 3pm. Normally there'll still be spaces near the vetinerary hospital available if u get there a bit late say...
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    Help would be greatly appreciated. Really want to transfer over to Comm(liberal)

    Hi I used to know a girl who transferred from straight commerce to commerce (lib). She told me that she had a low distinction average with a UAI fairly close to the cut-off for com(lib), 96 or 97 something I'd presume. It is definitely a rather competitive course I can't really say much...
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    Parking @ USyd

    yes, im aware of that underground car park. but isnt it 24 dollars for a day like the rest of the campus?
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    What are the things that bothers you at USYD?

    erskineville or somewhere like that? i've heard some people doing that, but again u have to catch the train to redfern, yeah?
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    What are the things that bothers you at USYD?

    where do u normally park your car?
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    New super duper student card

    that sounds like a consipiracy. i think the uni is probably too much short of money and they wanna turn it to a bank. but i dont think anyone would put money in the uni rather than banks
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    What are the things that bothers you at USYD?

    parking, definitely. free on-street parking is just too competitive. and 3.3 per hour spots are too unaffordable. but these havent got too much with the university . they could have build some more multi-storey carparks, i guess. lol
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    Masterchef Australia

    i sort of lost interest for the finale coz all my favourite contestants have been eliminated. But i watched it anyway. I think neither poh nor julie is the finest contestant in terms of their cooking abilities, and their performance in the competition has also been extremely inconsistent.
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    Animal cruelty is the same as racism.

    If we were to be equal to other animals, would we still be living in the way we do? Yes, we understand there has been a progress in morality over time. The problem is that the very difficulties in extending our morality to other species. The fact of the matter is most of us are going to eat...
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    Is it ok to do ECMT1010 and ECMT1020 at the same time?

    I didn't think of this when i chose my subjects last semester. Normally people do these 2 subjects in different semesters. So is it allowed to do these two subjects in one semester? If it is allowed, will it be very challenging to do so as they may be correlated? The trouble is that, if i...
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    Anyone knows how to make a title page?

    Ok. does it have some kind of format?
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    Anyone knows how to make a title page?

    The title is the question. Anyone who's done one, please explain. I was asked to do this 1500 word essay and it needs to be submitted with a title page, but i dont have a clue what it is. The essay question is about a statement which we need to justify. Thanks in advance
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    uni in america

    I think you have to sit SAT/ACT in order to get into undergraduate courses in american unis. Yea, Americans are generally arrogant. I think they accept UAI results in Britain. I wouldnt say all, but at least the majority of British unis do including Cambridge and Oxford, but of course you need...
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    Overseas students 'vital' to economy.

    Returning to their countries doesn't necessarily means returning to poverty. If they are from africa, this may be the case. But apparently a enormous amount of foreign students are from the asian pacific region which, everyone knows, is the fastest growing region in the word. They may have...
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    Any 1st students finding university life difficult?

    University life appears to be really difficult to me. The lecturer i have teaches us a whole chapter in 2 hrs. We also have to print out and read lecture notes, tutorial questions and many more prior to lectures/ tutorials. The whole lecture thing is so dull. The lecturers generally just...
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    stationery at uni

    write with a posh MontBlanc pen, and get the ones that are probably more expensive than laptops, like the ones with mini diamond or gemstone on. that will definitely stand you out
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    Single.. Who has never had a Girlfriend/boyfriend?

    never had a relationship in my life. i really fancied a girl in yr 9, but was rejected when i asked her out. for the next 2 or 3 years, i just couldnt get over her. im kind of afraid of being into someone, coz its quite angonising if you can get what you want. anyway, life without another...