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  1. astraaaaaah

    help w chem question - K concentration

    i did this question before but literally forgot how lmfao i need help on b!!
  2. astraaaaaah

    advice for chem practical exams?

    I got one ab equilibrium lol
  3. astraaaaaah

    common module 1984 and related text help

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a related text (must be short story) or poem I could use for my assessment that is related to human experiences, etc.? Thanks!
  4. astraaaaaah

    Does anyone have worksheets/practice work to do for yr 12 chem module 5?

    Would be appreciated :) I don't mind if its other modules either.
  5. astraaaaaah

    Should you handwrite or type notes for year 12 or both?

    I've heard writing is better for memory, except my notes usually get messy and lost easily and I can sometimes forget them. In digital, apparently, the memory absorption isn't as good, however, it's easy to access. Any advice based on experience, or just general knowledge?
  6. astraaaaaah

    Failing maths advanced prelim but I need it for the course I want, any advice?

    So I'm failing mathematics advanced, I'm currently in year 11 and entering year 12 just now. I did not do well in my yearlies or any 2 unit maths exam at all. I am able to do most things but I still have great difficulty. I need math advanced for the course I want to do (veterinary science) but...