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    WTF $12million on carbon tax ads.......

    This is true, but I think the government needed to do something to stem the damage this is doing to the economy (not caused by the policy itself, but the hysteria that has been whipped up about it). Industry groups are starting their own ads soon and your average voter thinks armageddon is...
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    No longer able to change/enrol in units? Accidentally withdraw can't enrol

    Re: No longer able to change/enrol in units? Accidentally withdraw can't e Friday was the last day to enrol in new units, probably because if you're not in before week 3, you might find it hard to catch up. But since you were enrolled for the first 2 weeks, you might be able to get...
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    Law - lectures recorded?

    You'll find that LAW lectures are almost always recorded because they need to be available for distance/external students. In the rare case that a microphone wasn't working or the recording stuffed up etc, the lecturer will usually provide extra or more detailed notes to compensate.
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    Assumed Math level for Econ111 and Econ110?

    From memory, the most you'll need in ECON110 is algebra. In ECON111 they will often explain concepts using calculus (covered in 2 unit maths) - but they should also explain those concepts using economic principles. So you don't need to have done 2 unit maths for those subjects, it might just...
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    Australian Politics

    I agree - watching him today he was a bit like an impatient little kid. The coalition looked like a pack of salivating dogs when the government "agreed" to an immediate debate on climate change. And then when the government said that was not what they'd agreed to, the opposition started...
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    Buy and Sell thread

    Re: Buy and Sell thread - Sem 1 and 2 Selling: - Options, Futures and Other Derivatives - Hull 7th edition (for ACCG329 and ACCG352) - $90
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    Is choosing law at MAQ a bad option ?

    I don't think the MQ law degree is overly theoretical - with the exception of criminal law and jurisprudence (although Crim is now one semester and has a new convenor, so they might have taken out most of the Foucult stuff). In equity, there were only a few articles about theory of trusts...
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    Clashes in timetable

    If Sean Turnell is doing ECON350, he always finishes at least half an hour early, so by 8:30 - if that makes that option any better...
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    You definitely don't need to know module 4, although differentiation can be useful. In subjects like microeconomics where they do use differentiation, they will always give alternative explanations, based on economic theory (so these explanations are useful). You'll use most of modules 1, 2...
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    Clashes in timetable

    Aren't there 2 lecture streams for ECON350? Surely they don't both clash with both ACST300 lectures? If they do though, and you still really want to do ECON350, you can easily do that subject through iLecture (and I don't usually like iLecture). The only thing would be if there was a sit down...
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    The techniques/skills you learn in ACST101 will be used throughout your AppFin degree. The Elements part of the unit is a very brief summary of the rest of the AppFin degree. There are whole units devoted to most of the topics in Elements. So the Elements component is a bit like a taster plate...
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    law transfer for macquarie university

    I would really like to see that report from the external review last year. I don't think a new building would make a difference, and that money could be better spent on teaching and staff. I don't know what's going to happen to staff now that tut times are being cut down. I have noticed some...
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    Clashes in timetable

    I know there was a clash last year with ACCG329 and ACST300, but I think ECON350 had 2 lecture streams. The other thing is that ACCG329 has no ilecture, and ACST300 lectures have a participation element, so you can't really miss either lecture.
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    Subject feedback please...

    ECON356 Evolution of Economic Ideas (used to be called History of Economic Thought) is taught by Wylie Bradford. He's a good lecturer, and I've heard the subject is really interesting if you like history and that type of stuff. Don't know much on the difficulty or assessment though.
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    Advice on ECON350, FIN310, ACCG329 and quite possible ACST300

    Anyone who has done FIN310 this year, do you remember if the exam was early on in the period, or more towards the end?
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    Advice on ECON350, FIN310, ACCG329 and quite possible ACST300

    ACCG353 wa spretty bad in terms of organisation of the unit and information given to students. Assessment was dodgy (assignment didnt really relate to the unit content) and the final exam had some very random components. The content itself wasn't that bad - the textbook was easy to use and tuts...
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    Tony Abbott new opposition leader

    They were all present, but Fran Bailey fell asleep after the first round.
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    ECON335 and 350 textbook question

    There were no set texts for ECON335 or 350 this year because so much has changed or will change in the near future. Instead, the lectures and slides were used as the "text", which made the unit a lot easier. I doubt there will be a good text by next year either (because so much is still yet to...
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    The best thing to do would be to start a discussion on Blackboard. No one knows for sure the correct answers/full solutions, but you can see if the people in your unit reach a consensus. I think I still have my stuff. If you wanted to check your answers for specific questions, PM me.
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    How to do well in ECON141

    As BoganBoy has said, semester 1 is different to semester 2. Apparently, sem 1 tends to have an economics focus, whereas sem 2 has more of a statistics focus. But my exam (sem 1), from memory, included: 1) 40 multiple choice - i think you get a couple of sets of data and you have about 12...