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  1. sonispucca

    The Coles Thread

    My Coles isn't really hiring now we took a lot of people in up to December. And it's easiest just to apply online expressing interest for all positions.
  2. sonispucca

    Co-op scholarhip

    I got an interview for Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry. I was pretty shocked/excited to get it, but i have a feeling i'm going to just miss the cut-off. Here's hoping...
  3. sonispucca

    How many marks did you lost?

    Re: How many marks did you lose? LOL. Attempted 65-70/120 marks (so lost at least 50) Silly mistakes, hopefully only 5-10. It sounds so shit when i put it that way :| Bye-bye E4 hopes...
  4. sonispucca

    Morning of an exam breakfast?!

    A big bowl of nothing. If i didn't feel like throwing up due to nerves, I had a glass of juice. What is breakfast?
  5. sonispucca

    Good/bad exam rooms

    Ours was done right next to a preschool with screaming kids, in a religious area with stupid singing in the morning and with yappy dogs next door. I appreciated not having to deal with year 7's, but come on. It did prove a great distraction during extra time in bio however, and people who forgot...
  6. sonispucca

    How do you manage to stop messy handwriting?

    I dont. I just cross my fingers that my a's dont look like e's, my k's dont look like h's, my twitchy hand slips dont make g's/y's out of u's and that i fucking finally learn how to spell realization. Have a feeling that didnt work though. Sucked in to the markers XD
  7. sonispucca

    What sort of pen do you use?

    I used blue papermate kilometrico pens for the HSC as they provided me with "luck" for trials/pretrials. That, and all my fine ballpoint pens from type which i planned to use in english so i could write faster ran out in the few days before exams. Pshhht, so much for luck.
  8. sonispucca

    What did everyone put as there preferences ?

    Bachelor Science (Adv) UNSW 95.00 Bachelor Science (Adv) Sydney 95.00 B Engineering (Chemical) UNSW 91.10 Bachelor Medical Science UNSW 97.80 B Applied Science (Medical Radiation Science) Sydney 92.80 Bachelor Medical Science Sydney 92.05 Bachelor Science Sydney 84.50 Bachelor Science/M...
  9. sonispucca

    Is anyone else concerned about their ATAR after their performance in the HSC exams?

    Re: Is anyone else concerned about their ATAR after their performance in the HSC exam Exactly. I dont know if its the same for other people, but those possible 5 bonus points can make a massive difference. So a 90+ would be good!
  10. sonispucca

    Anyone at their schools have any cheaters caught?

    Our supervisor's phone went off approximately once each exam, and she would proceed to talk loudly for a couple of minutes each time. She also had a bad ringtone. And a beard. XD
  11. sonispucca

    Best & Worst HSC Exam.

    Best: English Paper 1 or Biology (Only stimulus which has ever fit my story) :D Ok: Maths Ext 1, Chem, English Paper 2 (so much cbf there) Worst: Maths Ext 2 (*groannnnn*)
  12. sonispucca

    What happens if the person coming first internally fucks up externally?

    Hahaha. If only I had've fucked up more exams completely (apart from ext 2 maths), then i guess my mark would have affected my entire class. This is hilarious and frightening news.
  13. sonispucca

    esimate your mark?

    Hopefully 80-90 raw, with 1st rank internally. Realistically (or not), I would like a band 6 scaled, or 75 + :)
  14. sonispucca

    Multiple Choice

    Me too! The two I got wrong were both ones where I was considering changing my answer and then ran out of time so i didnt. Aaarghgh.
  15. sonispucca

    Calculations in Short Response

    OH SHIT! I can't believe i forgot to x by 10, i always do that. What is this i dont even...
  16. sonispucca

    Genetics, the code broken

    Yeah me too...had answered q's like this in class and presumed/wrote that ____ amino acid would change to ____, and then realized nothing happened. Not much of a time waste though :P
  17. sonispucca

    General Thoughts: Biology

    Seconded! Everyone always says that cramming last minute for bio never works, but i know thats BS...That's the only reason I could answer most of the MC. I don't know what everyone is complaining about, it really wasn't the hardest exam they've ever given. Not saying it was easy though either.
  18. sonispucca

    General Thoughts: Biology

    Golden Rice ftw! I was freaking out when i was the only person in my class that talked about transgenics for that...much better now :)
  19. sonispucca

    Erm... estimate your mark ...

    About 65/84, but up to 70 i guess if the markers are feeling generous and take my bulshitting as partially correct. Bit dissappointed, was expecting for 4u to be easier after the shocker that was 4u. :|
  20. sonispucca

    how much do you think you got?

    After looking through the paper and trying to count all possible marks, im hoping for 60-65, which isnt good enough but meh. Who's pumped for 3u? *sarcasm*