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    Feeling Guilty for Being Selfish

    Hello everyone, This is my first term of the HSC course and for some reason, whenever someone indirectly asks what tutoring I go to, I don't want to tell them just because of the possibility that they might end up with a higher rank... Is this unfair of me? It's just that I had to work really...
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    Modern History or Extension Maths

    Hello, I'm currently doing 12 units: English Advanced Mathematics Advanced Mathematics Extension 1 (rank 8/17) Japanese Continuers Japanese Extension Modern History (rank 1/10) Korean Beginners I really want to drop either Mathematics Extension 1 or Modern History. I like both subjects...
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    NSW School Of Languages

    Hello, I applied to the NSW School Of Languages and was wondering when and how you get notified of the acceptance. (My school sent the application earlier than the due date) The reason I need to know is becuse my stage leader said I cannot remove a subject off my timetable until I get...
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    Subjects For Year 12

    Hello everyone! I wanted to do the following subjects in Year 12: -Extension Two Mathematics -Extension One English -Continuers and Extension Japanese -Modern History Due to NESA requirements, I need to do 4 subjects for HSC, however, these subjects altogether are twelve units and I was...
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    New South Wales School of Languages

    I asked about this at my government school and they gave me a very vague answer because not many people do NSL at my school but: I want to do a language course which is not offered at my school via New South Wales School of Languages, what are the chances that I will be accepted? (Considering...