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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    Dont ask me how the hell u get ne from chicks...if i were them, id stay clear away from u. Maybe if u were more suttle about the situation, u wouldn't have the problem of trying to prove u aren't gay!
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    How do u tell a friend u like her?

    Confront her...if all else fails, say u were dared to do it...
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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    Sorry, but from the pic u have, to me u seem gay. No offence, but Robbie is gay.
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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    The point is, I have fallen for that many guys who like me for who i am, but i broke up with them cause of my insecurities. Most guys love girls who r biggish...which is weird cause most girls think guys only go for the skinny ones...wat if the chick was a 12 or 14 and had big boobs? Im sure u'd...
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    whats your r/ship with exs??

    I want to get back wif my ex actually. We nearly had sex, but someone walked in on us. So he's thinking about getting back with me, but for now, we're just 'friends'
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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    How much experience have u had with chicks? To me it sounds like not much!!! Goes to show wat a real pig u r...don't worry girls, there's real men out there who will love u for who u r...and django, that's great that ur boyfriend cares about u so much. At least he's true to u...unlike some...
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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    I think it's degrading to other girls when u say that fat isn't beautiful. Haven't u heard the saying, "Beauty is found on the inside, not the outside"? I'm surprised some girl hasn't bashed the crap out of you for saying shit like that!!! :mad:
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    Australian Question

    I loved it so much!!! It was the best question I've had in drama. I liked showing how Gary and the Aboriginals felt that they didn't was great!!!
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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    I can't stand the guys who don't tell you where u stand wif them, and then when u ask them, they say that u nagged them too much so they don't like you anymore! They basically blame all da shit on u and make u feel like shit!!! Tell me, what's wif guys who do that? Y can't they just tell the...
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    how did u find the aust theatre question?

    I did contemporary as well. I also wrote 6.5 pages and mentioned the word 'belonging' i don't know HOW many times. That was the best question I've had in drama!!!
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    Hsc Theory Exam

    Hey! I so totally agree with you on that one...(although I did Brecht). I actually found it was pretty easy. After freaking out so much about it, I think I did alright.
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    My car is a 1996 Holden Astra sounds so's maroon and it rocks!!! I just love cars!!!!
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    Asking for assistance...

    I was just saying that u r making those who were asking for help feel bad. That's wat my point was. I wasn't deliberatley trying to start a fight with anyone. I was just telling u that it's a bit unfair making someone who was asking for help feel like they shouldn't be asking at all...ok?
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    Melbourne Cup Question

    Hello all of you 2004 HSC candidates! I was just wondering for those of you who are legal to bet tomorrow, which horse do you think is gonna win? I think it might be "Makybe Diva" who is the favourite at the
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    caucasian chalk circle!?!?!

    Drama isn't's trying to remember wat goes Do u mean u want the notes or r u thanking us for saying nice stuff??? I'm confused...*s*...
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    caucasian chalk circle!?!?!

    Too true...don't listen to those uptight people who tell u that u 'should've studied earlier'. god, i only started yesterday, and just by asking for help from the nice people, I actually think I'm gonna do well! So, like i said, i have notes if u wanna use them *s* (means smiles)
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    caucasian chalk circle!?!?! i said before, if u need ne more notes, just ask me and i would be HAPPY to send them to u! Just ask...
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    Asking for assistance...

    No offence, but the threads are here to be used by those who need help. They're not here for u to be goin off at those who need help! Who are u to tell them that they should've done more? If u don't wanna help those who need it, why come on the forum? I agree with 400 Miles...That's all I've got...
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    Did you perform worse in the HSC performance than you usually would?

    I was told that i perfomed so much better in the HSC performance then i did in the Trials because the pressure was actually on to perform our best. I honestly don't know why, but that's what our teacher said.
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    Ne time. Good luck!