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    DISAPOINTING you teachers.

    gUys what do i doo? like ive worked really hard all year for chem, and did all the past papers and my lovly teacher checked them for me.. and well he just emailed me asking how i went with that test.. and im rather disapointed! i feel bad cos he worked soo hard on me but like... unoo how do i...
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    wanting 90+.. image geting 89.95 haha

    ^^ wouldnt that like TOATALLY suck.. lol
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    How Have You Changed?

    now that the hsc is drawing to an end, how have you changed over the last 2 years? Cos looking back ive changed a hole fuck and its bcos of the hsc definalty Thanks for that english correction risole91 lol
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    Werid ass dreams haha

    Ok so anyone else having weird dreams before their hsc exams. B4 english i had one that i left 2 essays blank, and before legal last night i had one that i walked out of the legal test and eveyone was like GO BACK you have your maths test now??, and i ended up missing my maths test (my fav...
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    Feeling Like Shit?

    any one else feel like as each test goes by, you just get more over the hsc, and start relsing how distant your actual uai hopes may be. I no this is properbly not the case for those who do well, but im finding especially after english, i feel like my uai assperations are well and truely gone...
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    King Lear help

    I srsly dont know what to do for king lear, no idea what so ever.. some one help please, like what am i ment to memorise/do
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    Bringing Cheat Sheets To Table

    Ok so basically uno how they say "if you have any sheets with you hand them in now" well my brother goes we can bring our study notes down to the desk and read them until they say that, and then hand them in and its fine? What are your thoughts, i think i might do it on monday!
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    Hated Section One?

    WHo HERE THOUGHT SECTION 1 sucked like bad and was heaps long, considering it was 4 different texts, and the marks went 1,2,3,4,5 comeon!
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    Memorised Creative Writing!

    Ok well ive memorised mine, its about 1300 words but i can write it in like 37 mins which is great, its a good story too, i just hope alot they dont throw in some stupid stimulus which toally throws me off! And i hope they dont give us an starter sentence, bcos my first paragraph is soo good...
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    Energy Drinks? Good Idea?

    hey do you guys drink energy drinks before exams? is it a good idea to do? cos i am soo tired these days lost motivation i think it could help?
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    Have You Felt Cheated?

    Hey. JUst wondering if any one has experienced racism during yr 12/ Have you felt cheated by your teachers or has anything happened that made you think this is not fair. I herd of a school that got forced to redo their trials bcos someone cheated, and eveyone was upset, especially since those...
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    PHYSICS regrets!!

    ANYONe else regret doing physics, and toally think their gena fail it...
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    Hey. How does school rank affect anything? i always thought school didnt matter..? And is it true that if u came like 2nd in a subject and you get a better mark then the person who came 1st in the hsc exam, do they really get your mark??? Like surley they take into account by how much they beat...